Review: Assort List

Review: Assort List



So this is going to be a short review. Because there is not much to say.

Assort List is another “Backpage Clone” website.  Other than the name and color scheme it looks and works just like any other BP clone.

Looking through it for an hour or so, I only came across a couple of listings of women with whom I am familiar.  The rest were completely unknown to me, and this was in cities that I have a fair amount of knowledge of.  Fake ads? Possibly.  Or perhaps just ladies who do not list on the sites I usually look at.

I did find a lot of listings that are for AMP’s or AAMP’s.  So if that is your scene, this site could be useful.

Overall, it is just like the other BP clones out there.  Probably a lot of ads of no real value, with a few gems mixed in.  Some decent leads on certain things, like AMP’s.

I would guess that, just like it was with the original BP, the value will often vary depending on city.  In some places, there might be a lot of good listings. In others, it may not be worth your time.

I personally wouldn’t advise ladies to invest in advertising on this site unless it is really cheap to do so.  It seems very logical that these type of BP clones will be the sites that the Feds will want to shut down when they start actively using FOSTA.  After all–they went after BP hard, even without the new law–so it stands to reason that the Feds will go after the replacement sites, especailly the clones.

Grade: None Given

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