Client Confessions: No Sex Sessions

Dear ValleyScott,

I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of months and I really like it.  I thought I might share my story with you and your readers:

Hello, my name is Stan, and I have never had sex with an escort.  In the past five years I have spent over $100,000 on escorts.  But no sex.  No intercourse.  No blow jobs.  

You’re probably thinking I am crazy at this point.  I guess most people would think I am crazy.  A guy must be nuts to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on escorts and not have sex with them.

But I’m not crazy.  Just impotent.

Here is my story:

I spent 22 years in the US Navy.  I loved the Navy.  I had planned on doing a full 25 years before getting out, but life doesn’t always go according to plan.

I spent most of my career working on jet aircraft.  It was challenging work that required a lot of skill, intelligence, and hard work.  It was my job to keep those planes flying.  This meant I spent a lot of time on aircraft carriers.  Loved it.  I loved traveling all over the world.  I loved being on board the biggest, baddest warships that man had ever made.  As my career progressed I loved the respect that I was shown.  While I was never an officer, the pilots in the squadrons I served in came to respect me.  They knew I would keep their planes in top condition.  They knew I had their back.

I got married young—at 19—and we had 3 kids.  Those pilots of mine were always very generous to my kids at Christmas and birthdays.  The Navy can be an amazing family, and it was for me.  I had a career I loved, a wife I loved, kids I loved.  A life I loved.

Then it all came to end.

We had just returned from a deployment in the Middle East and we were doing a major maintenance cycle on all our aircraft.  Combat deployments take a heavy toll on aircraft, so afterwards there is a ton of work for me and my people.  One day we were testing an engine that had just had what you might call an overhaul.  And it blew up.  When a jet engine goes, there is a lot of metal in the air.  Several of us got hit with shrapnel.  I took several small pieces into my abdomen, chest, and right leg.

It took a couple of surgeries, but the doctors saved my life and my leg.  But I suffered Neve damage.  This made it so my leg doesn’t work properly anymore.  Rehab helped, but I couldn’t pass my physical fitness to stay in the Navy.  But the never damage also left me completely impotent.  No more sex.  

I’ll be honest, I did not take it well.  I was out of Navy and felt like less than a man for the first time in my life.  So I drank.  Stupid.  My wife didn’t cope well either.  Can’t say that I blame her.  It wasn’t long before she left.  One of my kids was already in college, and the other two went with their mom.  It took two years, but I sobered up.  I get along well with my kids, but my marriage was over.

I have a really good job, working for a major airline. I oversee repairs on their planes at large airport.  It pays really good.  And since all my kids are now adults, and my ex has remarried, I have no child or spousal support.  This leaves me with a lot of extra cash.  But it also leaves me very lonely.  This is where the escorts come in.

Even though I can’t have sex, I still feel a need for intimacy.  I need to have something in my life.  To touch someone, and to be touched.  I tried massage, but that didn’t work for me.  Dating was a bust for me.  So I started seeing escorts.  The first time I was scared to death.  But I got used to it.

Working for an airline, I can get cheap or free flights easily.  So I will go somewhere for the weekend, get a room, and hire a series of escorts to come visit me for an hour or two.  Sometimes longer.

We sit, we talk.  I tell them why I can’t have sex.  We will often cuddle.  Most of the time they will undress for me, or wear lingerie.  I touch them.  They touch me.  Sometimes I will pay a lady to spend the night and just sleep with me.  I have most of my meals with escorts on these trips.

At home, I see a few ladies as well.  Many of these have become friends to me.  Often I have dinner or lunches with these local ladies and they don’t want me to pay for their time.  Some do, but many don’t.  

For the first two years I was doing this I felt it was very odd.  But over time it became such a regular part of my life that I find it normal.  My time with these escorts is truly wonderful.  I find real fulfillment in this part of my life.  I get the kind of intimacy I crave, but without the stress of a full time relationship or the pressure of sex.  Considering how often these ladies contact me, asking if I want to see them again, I assume that they also enjoy our time together.  Or perhaps they just like the easy money (which does not offend me at all).

I just thought that your readers might enjoy a very different perspective on the client-provider dynamic.  Thank you for your blog, I have found it very enlightening over the past few months.

—Chief Stan, USN (retired)


Thank you for your service, Chief, and for your story.  I am very happy for you that you have found s piece of happiness through this rather interesting world of Consensual Transactional Sex (or not sex, in your case).  I guess you are living proof that we clients really are paying for a lady’s time, and not for sex.


    • Well, “Peter”, this letter is real. My blog is real. And my following is real. Through social media I have hundreds of followers. I average over 1,500 visitors a month. Their opinion matters more to me than yours. But I’ve allowed your comment to be visible. I’m not afraid of criticism, though I take it more seriously when it contains proper grammar.


  1. Dear Chief Stan, USN.
    Hello I am Sabrina Luv.
    I agree with VS , with what he said about you.
    N your story is very fulfilling, with just being someone who enjoy our times.
    I know that a ladies who offers fbsm , would be just as wonderful as these beautiful escorts. You should find you one as well . Us fbsm ladies are as connecting with our clients , just as some of the escort are.
    I wish you many great & relaxing fun in our world
    Sabrina luv


    • Wow, thank you for your comment Miss Luv. I have tried FBSM before, but judging by the interview you did on with Valleyscott, it was probably nothing like yours. I am intrigued, but I haven’t been through Bakersfield in many years. But if I ever do find myself in your area, I will be sure to contact you.
      PS–You are exquisitely beautiful and I love your laugh. I watched that one video about getting turned on several times. That was so honest it was beautiful.


  2. I’ve had dates with no sex. We had previously but sometimes the conversation is too good and you forget and before you know it, times up! And we were both naked but engrossed in convo. Sometimes it’s just about cuddling and pillow talk. Men come to see us to get their needs filled with what they don’t get at home. Sometimes it’s a bj and sometimes it’s just someone to touch and listen.


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