Opposing Opinions Welcome

Opposing opinions are welcome on The ValleyScott Blog.  Trolls, not so much.

It is an unfortunate inevitability of the Internet that “trolls” will find–and haunt–a website.  For some there seems to be no end to the time and energy they will waste on hateful and useless commenting.  It makes it difficult–at times–to run a website.

I fully welcome people who have differing viewpoints to comment on posts, email me, message me on social medics, or even submit material for publication (“Letters to the Blog” I call it).  I have no issue with having an open, frank, and meaningful discussion of topics on this website.  I encourage it.

But there have to be rules.  Vile, vulgar, and rude commentary is not wanted.  I will occasionally allow some nasty comments to be published, just to show that such things happen and to illustrate the hate that some have for this website and this community.  But these are rare instances.  Most such comments get deleted and the poster blocked.

As a case in point, here are screenshots of four comments that were recently left on various posts by someone calling himself “peterp”:





As everyone can see, I only approved the first one to be published.  This was a rare time I decided to allow an obvious troll to be seen, simply for the sake of letting my readers see that such people to stalk this website.  The subsequent comments were all just too rude to allow to be published under normal circumstances.  But since Mr. “peterp” was bothered by me not publishing his comments, I decided to make them a part of this discussion.

As I stated above, I am more than happy to allow people to post comments that express an opinion that is contrary to my own.  This blog is a place that is mostly involved with my thoughts, experiences, insights, and opinions about the world of Consensual Transactional Sex.  But I am fully aware that my perspective is limited to what I know and experience, and that my opinions are (like all opinions) inherently biased.

Last year I attempted to expand the perspectives presented on this site by having other contributing writers.  It was, to say the least, a failed experiment.  At this time I am not willing to have other people as official contributors, but I will–and do–publish pieces written by others.

I would be happy to publish such “letters to the blog” written by people with different or opposing opinions to my own.  But I do require that whatever is submitted be readable in its form, coherent, and it cannot be nasty, vulgar, or disrespectful.  A respectful, articulate argument is good.  Hate is not.  I only publish the occasional bit of “hate mail” to serve as example of the bad side of having this website.

As to the allegations of Mr. “peterp” that I am the author of the published “letters” and hate mail, I can assure you that I am not.  I have no need to write those because I receive plenty of it in my inbox.

Do I publish such material in order to attract readers and get people interesting in frequenting my website? Of course I do.  I freely admit that I am shameless in my promotion of this blog.  As such, I will publish things that interest people.  Truly, why would I intentionally publish anything if I thought people wouldn’t want to read it?  The same is true for my monthly Giveaways.  Those are all about getting people to come to The ValleyScott Blog.  It is all about promoting my work.  That’s called advertising.

I am proud of the work that I have been doing on this website.  I am amazed at the positive response this site has received from most people, and with the number of people who visit each month.  Over the last 6 months the Blog has averaged 1,470 unique visitors per month (many of whom visit the blog multiple times each month).

But I know that there will always be negative people.  Some will be articulate and honest.  But it seems that most will fall into the category of “Internet Troll”.  From here forward, I am not going to give the trolls a voice on The ValleyScott Blog.  So if posting “troll” comments is your thing, please don’t waste your time, no one is ever going to see them here.





  1. Okay, let me test you. . .

    I do not think much of what you do or what you write. I am a hobbyist, and have been for a long time. But I have never been in favor of any open discussion. I didn’t think much of the various “forums” that RB, NS, and now PD have. I’ve used all those websites–and many more–but never participated. Too incriminating. Too much potential damage.

    I think it is dangerous to openly discuss anything about our activities. Forums, blogs, reviews. All bad ideas.

    I have been part of some small, very secret, message boards over the years. Unlisted websites that can’t be found on Google. If someone does not personally give you the link, you will never find it. Those are fairly safe. But not this. You do realize that LE can read your blog? Half of your subscribers are probably vice detectives.

    Don’t you think that you have exposed too much? Especially about your friend, Sabrina? Maybe you do not see it this way. I expect that you are part of the generation that has embraced social media and it’s “over-sharing” sub-culture. Maybe this is normal for you.

    While I think you are a decent writer–and seem fair and honest–I just don’t think blogs like this are a good idea.


    • I understand your perspective, but I disagree. Mainly with the idea that I am in any way actually exposing anything.

      While I doubt that “half” of my subscribers are LE, I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two are. I’m sure some people from Law Enforcement examine my site from time-to-time. But I’m also sure that they spend a lot more time than I do looking at all of the various escort sites on the Internet. They almost certainly know about them before I do. I’m sure they saw everything on NS and on RB before that. So I don’t feel that there is any issue in what I do.

      As for exposure, we are all exposed. I am a social media user. And I do think that some people post way too much on most social media platforms. It is a real problem on Instagram that often leads to ladies having their accounts shut down.

      PS–This wasn’t much of a “test” of my policy. You did exactly what I request of someone who wants to express a different viewpoint. I applaud and thank you for that. I wish more people could be like you. This is the first comment on this blog post that I’ve been able to allow, because all of the others blatantly behaved in classic, vulgar troll manner.


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