I have almost always scheduled my time with providers days—or even weeks—ahead of time.  It just works much better for me to do it this way.  “Last minute” for me is 24 hours.  Oddly enough, this is one of the few areas of my life that I plan out.   Ordinarily I prefer to be spontaneous and just handle things as they come up.  But not when it comes to my time with Sex Workers.  That, I plan.

But one of the side effects of this planning ahead is anticipation.  It is both a blessing and a curse.

It is awesome to be going about your day (or days), knowing that you will soon be enjoying some very intimate time with a beautiful woman.  Other people wonder why you have a little grin on your face for no apparent reason.  But you know.  You know what’s coming.  And it’s fun to know things that others do not.

It can be so enjoyable to imagine how the time is going to play out.  What will she be wearing? What will we do first?  Will she live up to her reviews?

So many questions and possibilities.  The anticipation can be incredibly exciting.  Almost intoxicating at times.

But it can also be a curse.

Doubts.  So many doubts can enter your head.

Will she really look like her pictures?  What if she isn’t what I think?  What if she doesn’t show up?  Can I really trust her?  

The further out the session, the more time your mind has to play tricks on you.  It can even do it when you’ve already seen the lady.  Even many times.  

You can start wondering if she will really remember you.  Will it be as fun as it was the last time?  Do I even remember the last time correctly?  

A man’s mind can really screw with him if given the chance.  

I do love the anticipation of a long awaited visit with a lady.  I love having the chance to plan things out in my mind—and then have something completely different happen!  I love having the time to pick out a gift, to make sure I look good (relatively speaking), to prepare for an adventure.

But the anticipation also kills me.  Oh, how I dread when the day comes and a text is not replied to quickly.  Is something wrong?  Or worse—when she texts me first!  Is she cancelling on me?!  Oh, how I can drive myself crazy.

But in the end, I think scheduling early is the best way to go.  It just seems easier (at least for me), the good parts of the anticipation always end up outweighing the bad, and I think it all leads to a better time when all is said & done.



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  1. I’ve always hated the wait. Being crippled, I’ve never known if a lady is going to be cool with me when I limp through the door. It’s nerve racking for me.


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