Answering Your Questions #16

Answering Your Questions #16

Here we go again!  Another round of your questions. . .


What is your opinion on Marriott’s new policies for it’s employees looking for “human trafficking” in their hotels?  Should Sex Workers boycott Marriott? — MaryLynn, Chicago

I honestly view Marriott’s new policies as being more about public relations and scoring political points than anything else.  While they are putting an emphasis on this policy right now, it will fade into the background of employee’s minds before too long and things will be “business as usual”.  The truth is, I doubt there is much recognizable human trafficking actually happening at all but the lowest end of Marriott’s properties.  Perhaps some “high end” human trafficking, but those involved are the types of criminals who know how to hide things.

This new policy has the largest impact on non-trafficked Sex Workers, especially the independent workers.  But in reality, I doubt that there will be much actual trouble.  After all, we live in a world where more and more women are part of the business world, traveling around and staying in hotels just like their male counterparts.  If questioned, all a Sex Worker needs to do is to get a little (just a little) loud about sexual discrimination and gender equality.  Most hotel workers are going back off with that.  Dress like a someone who works for insurance company (or something similarly boring) when checking in and nobody is going to ask questions.

Overall, I do not think it is necessary to boycott Marriott.  In a way, I think staying at their hotels in spite of their new policy is even a better protest.  A secret “F-you” to Marriott, if you will. Lol.


I am fairly new to all of this and I was wondering if it is okay to request that my “date” wear a certain outfit or lingerie that she is wearing in one of her photos on the website I found her on?  Is that rude?  How and when do I ask? — Mark, Los Angeles

Welcome, Mark, to this adventure.  It is perfectly acceptable to request certain things when scheduling a session with a lady.  Especially clothing requests.  And this is doubly true when the lady in question has posted photos of herself in those clothes.  Occasionally a lady might say no, but it is rare.  They want you to be happy, and clothing requests are generally very easy.

As to when and how to ask: The best time to ask is after you have actually set the date.  Then you can politely (that is important) ask if she would wear the item.  There is rarely ever a problem with asking.  The biggest reason that they may not do it is if they do not have that particular clothing item with them (while traveling) or if they no long own it at all. 

If you have a special request about clothing and it is something that they have not shown in a photo or do not own, then it would be customary for YOU to provide the item as a gift.  I know many clients who do this, and generally the ladies love it.  


What is your preference for condoms, which brand do you think is best?  Do you bring your own or do you expect the ladies to have them? — Anonymous

I do not personally have much of a preference for condoms.  Any brand will do.  Like most men, I prefer thinner ones for more sensation.  Considering that condoms are a regulated product that have to meet government standards to be on the market in the US, I don’t particularly worry about brand.

As for who provides the condoms, my general expectation is this: Whoever hosts provides the protection.  So, when I go to an Incall (my usual way to play) I expect the lady to be prepared.  If I do an outcall, I make sure that I have condoms.  

That being said, I have had ladies ask me to stop and buy condoms on my way to see them.  It does not bother me to do so.  In fact, when they do, I usually buy a larger box—more than we will need—just to be nice.  I will also ask their preference.  Additionally, while I do expect ladies to supply condoms at their incall, I always have at least one with me when I go see a lady.  It’s always a good policy to be prepared.

Great questions this time!  Please keep them coming.  Much of what I write is either to directly answer a question from my readers or to address an issue that they have expressed interest in.  My readers are the ones who really drive the content of this blog.  Thank you!

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  1. The condom question. I always supply my own and never use the clients. I don’t know how he’s stored them, how old they might be or if they’ve been tampered with. I’m also picky, I HATE Trojan and refuse to use them.
    Crown condoms are the thinnest and feel like nothing is there. Best for average size men. I have a variety of brands and sizes as they do make different shapes and dimensions for better more comfortable fits. I also carry non latex (skyn), flavored (trusted), snug fit and big boys, dome shaped (one) too for mushroom heads.


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