Private Photos

One of the great things about modern technology is the freedom of photography.  In the past, the only way to have truly private photographs was to either develop them yourself or use a Polaroid camera.  I’ve never been been much of a photographer, and Polaroids—while convenient—were never very good cameras.  But digital photography has changed all of that.  And that means it is wonderfully easy to have plenty of private, naughty photos.

I don’t take photos of the Sex Workers I have met.  As I said, I’m not much of a photographer.  I have no skills with a camera.  But I do thoroughly enjoy when ladies send me pictures that they took just for me.  These private photos—whether they are naughty ones or not—are something that I really treasure.  They are the most personalized of gifts.

I still remember and often look at the first private photo I ever got.  There is nothing naughty about it.  It’s just a selfie from a lady I adore, blowing a kiss to the camera.  She is fully clothed and sitting in her car.  There isn’t anything particularly special about the content.  But the photo is very special to me.  Why? Because she took it just for me.  She never posted it online.  It was from her to me, a gift.  And that makes it very special.

I have received private photos from many ladies.  Some I’ve met, some I haven’t.  But I keep each of them safe and look at them often.  

I love the photos that ladies send after they receive a gift from me.  Much better than a “thank you card”.  These pictures are aa great demonstration that the ladies appreciated the gesture of the gifts.  It’s also a great way to know that the gift got there at all—something that I always worry about.

I love the photos that ladies send when they are trying to get me to schedule.  These are the photographic flirtations.  Love it!  Again, these are rarely anything “dirty” or sexual.  Usually selfies.  Often with the lady in question blowing a kiss.  Or sometimes acting silly.  I love these kinds of flirtations because they give me a glimpse into the personality of a lady.

And I love the naughty pictures too!

These only come from the ladies who I’ve seen several times.  They are usually meant to tease me.  And tease me they do!  But I love it, and these ladies know it.


But private photos also represent a responsibility.

If a lady gives a client a photo that is just for them, something that she does not post on her social media or ads, then he has a responsibility to keep it secret.  Clients should never post those photos anywhere online without express permission.  They also should not be showing them to fellow clients or other providers.  Yes, we all like to show off from time to time, but private photos should remain just that—private.

I love my blog.  I love sharing on it.  But you won’t find a gallery of photos that ladies have sent me here on this website.  If ladies wanted to do that, they would tell me.  But I am never going to post any of those photos that ladies have kindly sent me onto this site.  Or onto my social media accounts.  

Asking For Photos

It is perfectly acceptable to ask ladies for photos.  Just don’t get upset if they say no.  It is their choice.  Ask, but be polite.  And when they say “no”, clients should respond politely and move onto another topic.  Asking is fine, expecting is not.

Generally, don’t ask for pictures of a lady before you’ve ever met her.  You’ve seen what she wants you to see on her advertisements and social media.  Wait until after you have developed some rapport with the lady before asking for private photos.

If you enjoy taking photos during a session, you SHOULD inquire about that beforehand. But, accept her answer.  If she says no, do not ask again.

And do not request a lady to send a photo just before a session.  This tends to make the ladies rather uneasy.  To some Sex Workers it feels like something that law enforcement would do.  You don’t want that particular thought in a ladies head when she is about to see you.

Never, and I mean NEVER, take a photo of a Sex Worker without her permission.  Just do not do it.  That is beyond not cool.


I encourage people to give each other gifts in this community.  And a fun, wonderful gift that ladies can give is photos.  But ladies, do be sure you are sending photos to clients you can trust.  And guys, respect the ladies.  Those pictures are just for you, so keep them that way.

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