Letter To The Blog: You Got Nothing

Letter To The Blog:

“You Got Nothing”

Dear ValleyScott,

I just read your blog titled “A Blogger’s Confession: I Got Nothing”.  I thought that was cute. I like that you can be so honest in your blog Creative in admitting that you sometimes can’t write anything.

I love blogs.  I started blogging when I was 14 years old.  That was. . . a few years ago. . . Lol (a lady doesn’t always need to be honest about her age).  And I love reading blogs.  I just checked, I currently subscribe to 118 different blogs.  Many don’t have new posts very often.  Your blog is one of the most prolific that I follow.  I really appreciate that.  I appreciate that unlike the other bloggers that post quite often, yours is not just a running series of gripes.  

I am amazed at how many different topics you’ve covered.  Some better than others.  But all of them show that you really want to do justice to the topics.  Without boring us to death.  I like that your blogs are fairly short, yet still full of content.  And your writing style is much different than other bloggers.  

I have been a sex worker for 3 years.  Not a long time.  I have never blogged about it.  It isn’t something I want people in my personal life to know about.  But I love being a SW.  I’m horny, I love sex, and I need the money.  So sex work works of me.  And I can schedule it around my regular job and my time with my kids.  After doing this for a couple of years, I thought I understood most everything about it.  Then I found your blog.  There is a bunch that I didn’t know.

So I want you to know that I like your honesty about not knowing what to write.  But I also can’t wait to see what else you have to say.  If I could suggest one thing:

Please take on more of the controversial topics.  I know they are hard.  I know you might piss off some people.  But I know I want to learn more, and I’m sure others do too.  You seem to be able to write about things that other people can’t.  Or at least they don’t do it well.

Thank you for your blog.  I love it.


Miss Nicole

(One of many)

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