Terminology Problem: Websites use of “Escort”

Escorts site, escort site, escort site.  And more escort sites.

There are a bunch of them.  While we have lost a few websites over the past year, there now seem to be more than ever.  But a problem has emerged from all of this.  “Escorts”.

So many of these websites, often in their very names, are focusing solely on escorts.  And thus, alienating other types of Sex Workers.  This is not a good thing.

“Sex Workers” encompasses many different types of providers.  Not just escorts.  And while escorts do make up the largest single category of Sex Worker, it isn’t good for the websites to be putting such a singular focus on them.

A large number of the websites that I look at for this blog directly mention being a site “for escorts” in their descriptions–and sometimes in their very names.  Or their names imply a specific type of escort service (as is the case with the site “GFEdating”, which implies that all the ladies on it offer GFE services).

This all serves to create a certain type of barrier for Sex Workers looking to promote themselves on various sites.

I have personally heard from many FBSM and BDSM providers who feel totally left out of the discussion on these websites.  They feel they are–at best–an afterthought.  And much of this stems from a basic problem of the terms that websites are using to describe themselves.  Instead of being inclusive of all types of Sex Workers, they are alienating many amazing providers by so prominently using the terms “escort” or “escort site”.

One of the most used websites in all of our community right now is Switter.  And one of the reasons that it has so many users is its inclusivity.  From the very beginning they used the term “Sex Worker” instead of just “escort”.  As a result, all forms of Sex Workers have joined in to that site, as have the clients who desire them.  With Switter there is no difference between a BDSM provider, an escort, an FBSM practitioner, or any other modality of Sex Work.  All are welcome, and this has created a huge community.

And yet, the people behind Switter (Assembly4) made the mistake of highlighting the term “escort” when they created their advertising platform, Tryst.  Recently they added menu options for FBSM and BDSM providers, but it was late in coming.  I am a big fan of Tryst, and gave them a great review, but I heard from many non-escort Sex Workers who were put off by the prominent usage of the term “escort”. They felt that if they listed on Tryst, clients would assume that they provided escort services that they do not.

So I am taking this opportunity to call on all the websites that offer a platform for Sex Workers to promote themselves:

Please be more inclusive.  Don’t call yourself “escort sites”.  Use the term “Sex Workers” or “Adult Service Providers”, or some other inclusive term.  Be a place for all types of providers, escorts, FBSM, FemDom, BDSM, Sensual Cuddling, etc., etc.  Be a place for everyone, not just a portion of the community.


  1. This is a Good Point VS, these site don’t STOP to think how much danger they put us Providers including Themselves..

    Also need to keep in mind, There are so many misunderstanding about some of the services Us Ladies Provider.
    Many Men assume that I provide Escort/Companion Services. Many Of Our Services are mistaking
    Cause of certain site not having more options.
    For Gentle-Men.

    I get targeted a lot by Many who Assume I use FBSM, BR, B2B as a cover up, just to hide from LE.
    It’s not fair.

    So when new sites launch show no other services that are provide for the industry.

    This gives many Gentle-Men confussion.
    Sucks for us Provider.
    What I also notice, which I am sure many of the ladies & Gentle-Men have seen.
    A lot of providers like to list & claim services that are not provided, They just use FBSM or B2B even BDSM services.
    Then not really provide the service. This is many reason also why some Gentle-Men are confused.

    These site as well as the ladies, should keep in mind. If there are more services offer I the industry list them. Also if you dont provide the service you have listed . Don’t list that you do.

    I am sure this is something that will never get resolved but maybe, some will come across Vs Blog , take the time to read and understand.

    We all can only Wish & Hope

    Hope you all blessed & wonderful day.
    Muah 👄
    Sabrina Luv


  2. I have struggled with this myself, as I’m a Pro Domme and FBSM practitioner who does not offer companionship/GFE. I have felt tremendously limited in my advertising options, and am often left with only the most expensive platforms as a viable possibility, as they have specific sections for listings in my areas of sex work.

    Advertising on other sites that are marketed as escort and GFE sites always sets me up for wasted time, because the hobbyists using those sites are often operating under the assumption that the providers advertising there are escorts – and to be fair, if a site has ‘escort’ or ‘GFE’ in it’s domain name, that is a valid assumption to make.

    Unfortunately, in this post-FOSTA/SESTA climate, and with such a lack of good inexpensive advertising platforms, folks like me often choose to advertise on those sites – which in turn results in annoyance and wasted time for us at best, and real threats to our safety at worst. It also feeds into unnecessary confusion for hobbyists about what all these SW terms really mean. FBSM and BDSM are by no means synonymous with GFE, but if we have to post on sites that are marketed as escort sites, how can we expect people to understand that distinction?

    Advertising websites can help create a reality that is more supportive of providers and more easeful for those seeking to get specific needs met by creating advertising space inclusive to ALL types of providers. This would be a massive step forward, and would be a service to all who are participating in the culture of this work.

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