Letter: RB Is Dead

Dear ValleyScott,

My name is Tony, and I’ve been a hobbyist for 38 years.  I had my first experience with an escort while celebrating my divorce at age 30 (my friends hired her for me!).  Been hooked on hookers ever since.  I’m an accountant by trade, so I like to keep track of things.  At this point I’ve had 5,108 “sessions” with 4,797 ladies.  And I’ve enjoyed almost all of them.  

You would think that someone like me would pretty much know it all, but I always want to learn new things, so I’ve enjoyed your blog.  You’ve posted a few things that I’ve never thought about.  I particularly like your reviews and the days when you answer peoples questions.  And your interview with Sabrina Luv was very eye opening about a lot of things.

I wanted to talk about something that has been really irritating over the past year or so:  MyRedBook people.

I live in Chicago.  Been here most of my life.  I had heard about “RB” not too long after it started, but didn’t bother with it because it was a California thing.  No use to me.  At one point I did go out to San Jose, California for six months on a work project.  During that time I signed up for RB and made use of it.  It was a good site.  I found a bunch of great ladies through it.  But it was one of several websites I used during my time on the West Coast.  After I went home I rarely logged on, and not too long after the site was shut down.

I moved on.  Just as I have every time a website has shut down that I used.  When Craigslist stopped allowing sex workers to post, I moved on.  When BackPage went down, I moved on.  Other times I’ve moved on from websites that just stopped being useful.  We’ve had some regional sites here at home that have come and gone.  You move on to the next one.  Hell, I had to move on from the Yellow Pages and newspaper classifieds when everything went online!  Adaptation is just a part of being a hobbyist.

But it seems like a lot of RB people can’t move on.  

I cannot believe the number of times I have seen people talking about the “good old days of RB” on forums and chatrooms.  And not just reminiscing, but whining incessantly about how much better RB was than any other site.  They talk on and on about how RB “defined” this or that.  About the standards that RB set.

Seriously people, you need to get over it.  RB was a good site.  But it was also just a regional site.  It may have been the main online hub of the community in it’s area, but it wasn’t the end of of hobbying.  In Chicago we could care less about all your RB rules.

You had a good site, run by bad people.  You had a good time.  But it’s been over for years now.  Get over it.  Be realistic.  By now, a good percentage of the ladies who were on RB are probably not even working anymore.  And I bet a bunch of the hobbyists are gone too.  And I’m positive that there are thousands and thousands of wonderful ladies in our community now who were never on RB, so stop trying to make them play by the rues of some long-dead website.

It’s over.  RB is dead.  Let it rest in peace.

That is my little rant about RB.  That’s all I have to say.  You can publish it if you think fit.  I’m sure some people won’t like it.  Thank you for what you are doing with this blog of yours.  Keep up the good work.

—Tony from Chicago.

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