Not THAT Kind of Website

“Would you post up some reviews of your favorite providers?”

“Please give us the dirty details of your latest sessions.”

“Can you refer me to great escort in my area?”

“Why don’t you post up some nasty pics or video of your sessions?”

These are all things that I’ve been asked to do in the past couple of weeks on The ValleyScott Blog.  And it drives me crazy.  This is not THAT kind of website.

In the year that this Blog has been up I’ve received hundreds of requests to write things or post things that I just do not do on this site.  While I’ve previously stated that I didn’t fully know what this site would be when I started, it has never been a place for “dirty details”, pornography, or the advertising of Sex Workers.  It is place to discuss that myriad of issues that involve the community that is made up of Sex Workers and their Clients.  

I admit that I have considered creating other websites that could have done these things, but I always come back to the conclusion that it is not my purpose to do so.  This Blog is my work.  

That are a tremendous number of websites out there that can fuel people’s sexual desires for erotic and pornographic material.  I should know, I’m a fan of such things.  So there is no need for this Blog to be a part of that.

And there are any number of websites where clients can find plenty of information on providers in their area, so there is no need for me to do referrals.  Likewise, I’ve left plenty of reviews over the years on various websites—and while many of them are gone now, there are plenty of guys posting reviews today on plenty of sites.  But not here.

This isn’t THAT kind of site.

This is place to discuss topics about our community.  Big issues and small issues.  A place to share thoughts on the difficulties we face.  A place to reflect on the wonders and joys of our business.  But it isn’t Penthouse Letters.  

The asking for referrals is of particular frustration for me.  Honestly, I am not going to ever give referrals about providers to people through the Blog.  And certainly not to random clients who email me.  That would be foolish on a number of levels.  So please don’t email me asking for information about any providers (or any other clients for that matter).

While I am willing to share about how my experiences as a hobbyist make me feel and how they affect my life, I’m not ever going to use this Blog as a place to recount the intimate details of any encounter with a Sex Worker.  And I’m certainly not going to post pictures or videos of such encounters!  In fact, you’ll notice the lack of nudity or sexual imagery on The ValleyScott Blog.  This is intentional.  This is not a porn site.

I look forward to what the next year of blogging will bring.  The information I have been getting from the ongoing Reader Survey is proving very helpful in deciding how I should proceed with my efforts.

I hope that everyone finds this site helpful, entertaining, and/or enjoyable.  And I hope you all continue to return again and again.

Thank you for helping to make the first year of The ValleyScott Blog a success.



  1. I appreciate your blogs because they are helpful info I give to mostly newbies , but some articles are just old school info that’s helpful in knowing how things were the way things were and new info what’s happening now that I sometimes didn’t know til I read your post. It’s a helpful site for me to get current events. I just like the writing and clean vibe here. Congrats on a year.

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  2. There are very few places online that folks can get the kind of information, insight, and discussion about the industry that you provide here. I appreciate your efforts to educate hobbyists and to illuminate issues faced by both SWs and hobbyists alike. This is important stuff, and having open discussion about these topics serves to make this industry better and safer for all of us. Keep up the good work!

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