3 Things Sex Workers Shouldn’t Lie About

The Transactional Sex World is a place of fantasy, where people slip out of their normal lives and indulge in the pleasures they desire.  As such, there are plenty of lies being told every day.  That is the nature of it.  Sex Workers and Clients lie mostly to protect our identities—this is an accepted and necessary aspect of our world.  And while there are many things that it is perfectly acceptable for Sex Workers to lie about, there are a few things that they shouldn’t lie about.  Here are 3 of the main things Sex Workers should NOT lie about:

Their Appearance

This mainly has to do with photographs posted only.  Don’t tell lies with pictures.  

I’m not talking about hair color or eye color, but more about body type and your overall looks.  It is good business for providers to post pictures online that highlight their best attributes.  Nothing wrong with that.  Got an amazing derrière?  By all means, show that booty off!  But if you have small breasts, don’t post photos that make them look big.  It’s a lie.  And when your clients meet you, they will know that you lied.  

Present yourself the best you can in photos, but let those photos be honest.  And please, don’t post photos of someone else’s body.  That is just way too dishonest.

Their Measurements

Ladies, don’t lie about your measurements.  If you are going to post up your bra size, just be honest about it.  Don’t say you are a 36DD when you really wear a 34B.  It’s not necessary and it just creates an award situation when the bra comes off.  

I’m not even sure why ladies think they need to lie about their boobs.  Lots of men love smaller boobs, other guys just like any size breasts.  And if a client likes large breasts and you lied about yours, he’s just going to be disappointed with you—and that isn’t good for either of you.

Same things for your other measurements.  Just be real.  Or don’t post the numbers and let your photos (honest ones) do the talking.  Same goes with your height.  No need to lie.  If you’re going to say how tall you are, just tell the truth.  

Their Age

Ladies, don’t lie about your age.  This is just something that is also totally unnecessary.

I know of a Sex Worker who—according to her ads—has been 29 years old for the last 4 years!  This is just not something she needs to be doing.  Be honest about your age.  The truth is, some guys prefer younger ladies and some clients prefer older ladies, but most clients really don’t care how old you are.  But lying about your age can become obvious, especially to those of us with long memories.

For some reason there are a lot of Sex Workers who think they need to start lying about their age once they reach their 30’s.  But this is the total opposite of truth.  Many experienced clients will tell you that we actually prefer women in their 30’s and 40’s.  I for one consider the “sweet spot” for age to be between 35-45 (but that’s me).  Others have different preferences.  But rarely are any clients going to not contact you because you turned 30.  

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Just be honest.  Show us what you really look like.  Tell us the truth about yourselves in these things.  In the end, honesty with bring you the best clients for you.  The men who truly enjoy your looks, your body type, your age.  And those are the best clients to have.  

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  1. I loved this 🙂
    Sometimes I feel so crappy about my age (creeping on 33 in a few months) but then I remember no one really cares and if they did, I wouldn’t want to be around them anyway 🙂

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