Letter To The Blog: “Doxxing”

A message from “Dark Knight” aka, Damien Knight, of Switter:
I think it’s time we had a frank discussion about boundaries. I think it’s safe to say we all try very hard to keep personal and professional lives separate. However, there are times when we cross that line to appeal to the community. There should be nothing wrong with this until that is warped and twisted in a way that puts lives at either physical or otherwise risk.
@sensualcmt (aka, V_CMT) has put my personal information on display on Switter. I would have been able to defend myself to this but she blocked me before she sent any of it out.(links below) I’ve been told this is something called doxxing and is a major no-no.  Here’s an independent website talking about it:
Pure and simple, Doxing is an act of retribution. What I’ve done to this person is unclear. What I refuse to do is stoop to her level. I have been a provider for just about a year now. I have done what needs to be done to keep this compartmentalized from my real life. While I have yet to build a client base, I am relying on resources for the most part that are free (Switter, Tryst, PD, etc). Occasionally I have the ability to utilize paid sites, like Slixa and Eros.
As far as refusing to work, that is not true. It was a decision that was made in order for me to complete nursing school…which I’m working on now.
Switter is a second family to me. I treat all of you with love and respect. My hope is that you will do the same. That being said I am not going to be bullied or shamed. I will continue on like I always have and not let the few that use negative means to hurt people get to me. I’m calling on the community to fight this and block anyone who would engage in such destructive practices.
I’ve since deleted the GoFundMe mainly because I don’t want this to affect my family or my ability to become a top notch provider. You can call me whatever you’d like…provider…gigalo…smooth…but call me often!
Doxing Proof:
A Note from ValleyScott:
This behavior by Miss SensaulCMT/V_CMT is completely unacceptable.  Why she has undertaken a campaign against Damien is unknown, but she has no actual justification for what she has done.

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