Answering Your Questions #20

It is once again time to answer YOUR questions:

“What are your thoughts , if any, on providers that don’t provide donation information anywhere (not on their ads, site, etc.)? This may sound stupid, but I would hate to get in touch with a provider asking for rates, only to find out they’re out of my league financially. I feel like me honestly saying ‘Sorry, I can’t afford to see you. Take care,” can be misconstrued as me trying to haggle.” — Chris

It can be very frustrating when Sex Workers do not provide information about their rates online. Especially in light of the long-standing general rule that you do not ask about rates when you contact a Sex Worker. This can create quite the dilemma.

The scenario you bring up can feel difficult to navigate. 

It is understandable why some Sex Workers choose not to publish rates online. That is potentially incriminating evidence against them.  Especially for those who might have previous convictions for prostitution.  As such, their choice not to post rates is 100% justifiable.

It is also a pain in the ass for clients.  Especially clients on a strict budget.  And the taboo of haggling (or even the appearance of haggling) compounds the problem.

In the end, if rates are not transparent, then clients have to ask.  And providers need to accept it and accept that there will be clients who say no to those rates.  Haggling over rates is clear violation of the “rules”, so don’t do it.  But also don’t be afraid of saying no to rates you can’t afford.  Providers need to not view every rejection of their rates as an attempt to haggle if they are not posting rates online.


“What is your favorite website to use to find providers?” — NSRefugee007

I use a number of websites to look for ladies to see.  There are a lot of useful sites out there and I hesitant to say which I use, because they might not be the best fit for you or anyone else.

One of the biggest issues I’m seeing right now with regards to websites has to do with local usefulness.  A few sites have plenty of listings for Sex Workers in my area, but many sites have very few—or even zero—listings for my city.  That does not mean those sites are not good, it just means that my local providers are not using them.

At this time there is not any single website that is really useful in every place in America (I’m not even going to think about other countries).  My “favorite” website is the one that has the most usefulness at any given time.  The more actual listings, the more useful it is.  For me, in my area, there are three websites that are most useful.  But those might not be the same for other areas.  

I would also like to advise anyone that it is good to make use of multiple sites if you can.  This can really help in finding the best quality of provider and help to establish some level of security.  I recommend using at least one or two sites that have listings, and the use of a couple of Social Media networks.  Legitimate, good quality, reliable Sex Workers generally use multiple sites—so clients should follow their lead on this.


Where do providers go on vacation? Do they ever go with clients?” — Ledbetter

They go wherever they want. 

Honestly, I don’t think providers are any different than anyone else when it comes to vacation.  They go where ever they want to that they can afford to go.  Judging by what I see on Instagram and Twitter, Miami, Hawaii, and the Los Angeles area seem to be pretty popular among the ladies.  But those are three of the biggest vacation destinations in the US, so that seems very logical.

As to going on vacation with clients: If a client brings a lady along on his vacation, unless he isn’t paying her anything for that time, it’s not a vacation for her—it’s a business trip.  That being said, I do know of times where providers and clients who have become very close have gone on vacations together that were not compensated time for the ladies.  Not sure how often that happens, but I figure those must be some very good relationships.

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  1. In response to the first question, having my own website is key for having all my info in one place for those interested to find the answers they seek. I do believe my site is over kill on info and I will be over hauling it this weekend. Same as knowing what’s “on the table” I’ve done it discreetly and only those seriously interested in an appointment will find out. I only post my rates on a site that has a tab specifically for rates. Otherwise you must visit my website. Any and all questions one might have can be answered by visiting my site for the most part. I won’t discuss rates or services at any time by text, email, phone or in person.

    A good way to ask a lady for more info is to say “hello I’m Jake Ryan and I saw your ad on TVSB and wanted to learn the details of setting up an appointment. Can you direct me to where I might find that info? Thank you for your time and consideration, hopefully we’ll be in touch again soon, have a nice day! I can be reached by email any time.” Or something to that effect.
    It lets her decide to send you to her website or if she’s comfortable discussing now with you without you getting explicit or invasive and I doubt any lady would be put off by that phrasing. You also won’t be perceived as haggling. Good luck!


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