FBSM: Don’t List It If You Don’t Do It

FBSM—Full Body Sensual Massage—is a specialty service within the world of sex work.  It is not just a “sexy massage” as part of foreplay.  And it is not “code” for escort services.  It is a special erotic art form.  Unfortunately, there are far, far too many escorts who add the term to their advertising in order to attract more interest in searches.

Ladies, if you do not provide true FBSM services, please do not list it in your ads.  If you do, you are doing a disservice to the many wonderful, hard-working FBSM practitioners out there.  You are potentially taking away business form them.

There is a segment of the client community that prefers FBSM, and many who exclusively choose FBSM.  This is their niche, their personal playground.  This is where they find their true satisfaction.  But these clients are plagued by large volumes of ads/listings for escorts who choose to add FBSM to their list of services, despite the fact that they do not provide true FBSM services.  This can be very frustrating to clients, especially when they end up booking a session with a Sex Worker who does not do what they desire.

Advertising can be tough.  You need to do what you can to get yourself seen by as many potential clients as possible.  That is just the way of business.  But they do need to be the right kind of potential clients.  They need to be the right clients for you.  If you are a “full service” escort, the client who prefers FBSM may not be the right client for you.  You are likely offering thing that he does not desire, and not offering what is most important to him in a provider.

I am a huge fan of the art of FBSM.  I’m also a huge fan of escorts.  And other types of Sex Workers as well.  I have different and diverse tastes.  As such, when I search for providers I am almost always searching for specific things, not just going a general search.  When I am in the mood for FBSM, I do not want to look at listings for escorts.  I want an FBSM artist.  

But in most searches on most sites, I find 90% of the listings that come up are for escorts, not true FBSM practitioners.  This is highly frustrating.  It’s annoying.  

At times I have inquired with some of these escorts about the FBSM services they claim to provide.  They don’t.  Not really.  Sure, they will give me a massage. Or “body rub” to begin our session.  But they are not prepared or even interested in giving a true FBSM experience.  It isn’t what they do.

Please ladies, don’t misrepresent yourselves to potential clients.  It is a waste of their time and a waste of yours.  You might get your profile seen more often by including FBSM in your listing, but those are not valuable views for you.  Many (at least half, and more in some areas) of the men who see FBSM providers do not see escorts.  FBSM is all they do.  It’s what they want, what they love.  So why do you want them looking at your profile?  

No business person should ever advertise a service that they do not provide.  That is just a basic of business.  


  1. This is an awesome post. I could not agree more. I was just thinking of adding something to my website that said-“this is NOT CODE for something else” I do consider what we do in the world of FBSM an art. Why? Because most of us have had some training in traditional massage techniques, we have studied the art of Tantra which is an ancient and often abused and misunderstood term. A fair number of us are connected to a community of people that consider themselves Sexological Bodyworkers. We follow Dr. Joseph Kramer and Dr. Betty Martin’s teachings on how to authentically meet people where they are with compassion, communication, and true intimacy.
    I have had people on my table that had not been touched in years. They were in a loveless marriage or unable to maintain an erection or perhaps they were disabled so that a full on porn star throw down was not what they could even participate in. Personally I dont feel comfortable having sex with strangers for money. However in a FBSM session I can show up fully and feel comfortable delivering a very satisfying experience that is totally focused on my client. Most true Tantricas do not have sexual intercourse and those that seek us out do not want to be with someone that does. It is a true Niche market of men with particular taste. So when escort ladies advertise these services it is confusing because we have set the bar much higher and its not just a bodyrub.
    We are not here to just get people off. Time spent with a true Tantrica is one where you will leave feeling refreshed, recognized and pampered, and yes in the very end you will be happy that you came. But that is far from the point.


  2. As a client of a beautiful woman in Christchurch New Zealand I totally agree with the comments. With her encouragement I have actually started my own blog here… gristle1953.wordpress.
    She has been incredibly caring and professional. I wasn’t after a “relief” massage. I was looking for someone who would help my initially help my with premature ejaculation. In the process my self confidence has soared and I’ve begun a tantric journey into a completely different world. There are some great practitioners who post on Instagram too.


  3. FBSM is probably my favorite thing before having a good sex. It is so soothing and relaxing, it’s like the calm before the storm. It its the key for having a good sex in my own opinion.


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