Answering Your Questions #21

Here are answers to a few more questions submitted by visitors to the Blog.


“What has been the most intimate experience you have ever had with a Sex Worker?” — “Call me Vickie”, California

I’m guessing that by “most intimate” you are referring to more than just a sexual experience, but a very personal experience.  I can’t answer that.  The fact that the experience is so intimate means that it is also very private.  I will say this, it had nothing to do with sex.  There was no sex during my most intimate experience with a Sex Worker.  But something happened that led to her and I having an intensely personal & intimate expereince.  It is a memory that I truly cherish, something that neither of us will ever forget.


“Is drug use ever acceptable with a provider? Weed, coke, other drugs?  What happens when they start doing drugs around you?” — “Ledbetter”

No, drug use is not acceptable to me.  I don’t do drugs and do not agree with the practice. It is a very harmful practice.  If a Sex Worker is obviously under the influence of drugs (or alcohol) upon me meeting her, I will cancel the session and walk away.  Likewise if they start doing drugs in my presence.

People do not make good decisions when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  That is just a fact.  There can also be questions of consent as well.  I want both myself and my partner to be fully aware of what is going on.  Eroticism, seduction, & arousal should be the only drugs we need.  I won’t session if I know drugs are involved.


“Most hobbyists seem to be middle-aged or older men.  How old are you, Mr. Valley?” — anonymous

I will be 42 years old this month.  Yes, it’s my birthday!  So that puts me firmly in the “middle-aged” group.  Though many might recall, I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, so I started as a hobbyist as a young man.  If anyone is interested in giving me a birthday present, you can do so by supporting this blog. Just go to the Support page. That would be awesome.


“What is the best part of running your blog?  Do you get any free services from ladies or other special treatment?” — NSRefugee007

The best part of running this blog are the thank you messages I get from people who have found this website helpful.  I don’t get them everyday, but they are a great encouragement.  And no, I don’t get any freebies from the ladies.  I do occasionally get a sexy picture for my eyes only.  That’s pretty nice.



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