I’ve recently had a number of questions from new clients asking about “grandfathered” rates, so I thought I’d take some time to talk about this subject.

So, what does it mean to be “grandfathered” in this community?

It simply means that when a Sex Worker you have seen raises her rates, you get to continue seeing them at their previous rate.  Overall, this is a very nice thing that some providers choose to do.  It is not–in any way–a rule within the community.  No Sex Worker is under any obligation to do this for any client.  But many choose to do so, and it is usually highly appreciated by their clients.

Why Do Some Sex Workers Do This?

Loyalty.  That is the primary reason that providers choose to grandfather in some or all of their existing clients when they raise their rates.  They want to keep their existing clientele, while still having the chance to make more money off of new clients.  This is especially true when they choose to grandfather in all of their current clients.

Most Sex Workers know that when they raise their rates they risk losing some of their client base.  This doesn’t bother all providers.  Many of them see it as a just a fact of doing business.  Often the clients they lose are ones that didn’t see them very often to begin with and they assume (correctly in most cases) that they will replace them with new clients at the new rate.  So there is no real loss.

But some providers really don’t want to lose any of their clients, so they allow the existing ones to continue at the old rate.  Usually this is only for a set, limited amount of time. Six months or a year for example.  After that, they old rate disappears and all clients are at the current rate.  This is ends up being a nice gift to the clients.

Other Sex Workers limit who gets grandfathered, using to to reward their most loyal and consistent clients.  Or their favorite clients who they enjoy spending time with the most.  Again, this is done so that they do not lose these clients, but in this case it is for very specific reasons.  In this case it is a real reward for being a good client.

Clients who are grandfathered in in this manner are often very regular clients who provide a good business base for the Sex Worker.  Or they are clients who have helped her out by referring other clients or writing reviews that bring in new/potential clients.  Or they could be personal favorites.  Regardless of the individual reason, the worker has decided to bless these clients with a continued lower rate.  And this grandfathered rate can potentially continue for years.  I personally know of one gentleman who has enjoyed the same rate with a particular provider for 10 years now, despite the fact that her normal rate is almost TRIPLE what he is at.  That is a serious loyalty/friendship benefit! (But it is not the norm, so don’t expect it!)

Who Gets Grandfathered?

Most clients who get grandfathered are fairly regular clients, or clients who stand out to the Sex Worker so reason that they like.

Being a regular, usually someone who schedules several sessions a year, is the most likely way to get grandfathered rates.  It doesn’t always happen and it should not be expected (and NEVER demanded!), but it is also not uncommon.  If a Sex Worker you see regularly raises her rates it is not wrong to ask her if she will keep you at the old rate, but remember to do so delicately–and to not get upset if she says no.  This is completely the choice of the provider.

Overall, being a loyal regular client often has a lot of perks in this community.  Most providers love having consistent clients that they can count on.  As such, many of they will reward that behavior.  And keeping a client at an older rate for a while is an easy way to say thank you for loyalty.

How Long Does It Last?

There is no rule as to how long such rates last.  It is completely at the discretion of the Sex Worker.  But it seems that the two most common time frames for grandfathered rates are one year and until the next rate increase.  Some providers raise their rates fairly often, others do it rarely.  This can impact how long they are willing to have some of their clients at an older rate.

Most providers are not going to want to have their clients at a bunch of different rates.  That is not convenient for them at all.  So most will only have clients at two different rates at any time.  The current rate and the grandfathered rate.  As such, when it’s time to raise rates, the grandfathered clients lose their old rates when the new rates go into effect.  This can mean that they will either be paying the rate that they would have been paying (a new grandfathered rate) or that all clients move up to the new rate.  This can lead to a big jump for previously grandfathered clients.

Other providers only grant a grandfathered rate for a set time.  This could be as little as one session or one month.  It can be for six months.  But most often it is for about a year (though sometimes much longer).  This really depends on the business relationship between provider and client.  A provider may keep some clients on grandfathered rates much longer than others, often due to a feeling of real loyalty and friendship.  IF you have been grandfathered in with a lady for several years, count yourself as being one of her true favorites.

How Should A Client Respond To Being Grandfathered?

With loyalty.

And tips & gifts.

Seriously, express your gratitude to any Sex Worker who keeps you at a lower rate.  This is big deal.  Technically, your provider is losing some money when they see you.  You should say thank you.

Tipping is a good way to do this.  Though, many clients who get grandfathered do so because they are already consistent tippers.  But if you are not a regular tipper, it’s not a bad idea.  You don’t have to tip the difference between your rate and the new rate.  But you can.  But a tip is good.

Gifts are good.  Especially if she has an oldie wish list or if she has mentioned things she likes to you.  You don’t have to gift every time, but an occasional gift is a nice way to show your appreciation.

But loyalty is the best.  Keep seeing your provider.  Being a regular, consistent client is one of the best things you can do for a provider.  It’s good for business.  It’s good for your relationship.  And it’s good for everyone’s well being.  Regular clients are safe clients. Regular clients make for reliable finances.

When Should I Pay The New Rate?

It is not a bad idea for a client to end the grandfathered rate on their own after a time.  Even if your provider never says anything, there comes a point when you should just automatically increase what you give her.  This is especially true if the provider has raised rates more than once.  If you are getting a substantial discount, it is a good idea to start giving more.  You don’t need to say anything, just commit yourself to giving more.  Technically this is a tip, but you should consider it your new rate.  Doing so shows that you care.  It shows that you are not a cheapskate.

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