Changes Coming Soon!

Big changes are coming to The ValleyScott Blog!

Over the last 17 months I have been able to see what visitors to the Blog are really looking for.  There are a number of things that are hugely popular on this website, while other things are rarely looked at.  Examining the patterns of what people are reading has led me to the conclusion that I need to make some changes to this website.

Frequent visitors will likely have noticed a lack of new blog posts in the past few months.  This has partly been due to health issues, but it is also a result of a lack of interest in many of the posts that have been published.  Just because I think something is interesting doesn’t mean that others will be interested.  The basic blog posts that I’ve published since the beginning are not a real highlight of this site, so it doesn’t make sense to make them a priority for publication.

But other aspects of this site are hugely popular.  Website reviews, specific advice, and special pieces like the interview with Miss Sabrina Luv have been viewed thousands of times.

So what kind of changes are going to be happening?

  • The main blog is going away.  A selection of popular posts will remain in an archive, mostly of posts that are most helpful for members of our community.  Many of these will be edited and updated.
  • Website Reviews will remain a major highlight of the site.  This includes the ability for visitors to write their own reviews of relevant websites.
  • New “Spotlight” features are in the works.  These will be a main focus of my time.  These feature pieces will include interviews and in-depth discussions of major topics, hopefully published on a monthly basis.
  • A new name!  I am looking into renaming The ValleyScott Blog.  Since it will no longer be a blog, and my personal opinions & observations won’t be a major focus going forward, I feel it is time to update the name of this website.  A new name has not yet been selected and I welcome input.
  • A new look.  While the current layout has worked well for a blog, it isn’t the best look for the new plan.  So look for some major changes in the layout & appearance of the site.  There may be a number of different looks over the next couple of months as I decide what I want the finished product to be.

This is going to be a big project for me over the next couple of months, but in the end  feel that making these changes will allow this website to better serve our community.  I welcome the input of my readers as I work through these new ideas.  Please feel free to submit your ideas and thoughts in a message (fill out the contact form below) or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Thank you.


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