YesBackPage Danger? (Updated)

[This post has been rewritten and updated]

So, what is going on with YesBackPage?  Honestly, I don’t really know.

On Wednesday, Sept. 25 I was contacted by a person who calls themselves “Risa Jenner”. She informed me that YesBackPage and an affiliated site ( had been partially or completely seized by law enforcement, and that anyone who had accounts with these sites should use caution.

As a prudent measure I posted to that effect, including screenshots of the message and posts from Twitter.  In the hour and days that followed a debate has raged on Twitter and elsewhere as to the truth of these statements.

Honestly, I do not know what has actually transpired.  I will not comment on the validity of any claims being made by anyone at this time.

I do, however, wish to share what I know about the entire situation with YesBackPage and my own interactions with those involved with it.  “Risa Jenner” has contacted me on several occasions as a representative of that website.  At times YesBackPage representatives have stated an intention to become a sponsor for The ValleyScott Blog, but nothing has ever come from it.  At one time I published an open letter from a “Samir” who is also an owner/operator of YesBackPage.

But there has been some serious debate about the sight.  A bit of a feud exists between YesBackPage and a Miss Phoenixx, who is a friend of the Blog.  I have tried to stay out of this feud.  “Risa” has reported left YesBackPage and was associated with a rival website (the status of which I have no information).

What does all of this mean?  Nothing good.

The reality is that the feuds, accusations, potential hacking, etc. have all been a negative story for our community.  Whatever issues exist between the various parties need to be resolved privately.  Or perhaps people just need to go their separate ways and leave it all alone.

At this time, YesBackPage and these troubles are nothing but a distraction for our community.  This is a potentially dangerous time for the entire Sex Work community and we need solidarity, not in-fighting.

Is YesBackPage safe to use at this time?  I honestly cannot assess that.  I would say that right now it is best not to put your total trust and faith in any one platform.  I do not know what is going to happen, but I hope that things can quiet down and we can all get back to enjoying the things we do & love.


[The following are various screenshots from Twitter regarding the recent events.]

[Original Text of this post:

Please use caution concerning using YesBackPage or other sites that may be associated with

I do not have much information at this time, but better to be safe than sorry. The screenshots here are from Facebook & Twitter.]


  1. YesBackpage needs to QUIT THE FEAR MONGERING!

    When a website is taken over by the US government, their servers are seized by the US government under a .gov domain, but Yesbackpage’s current servers have no relations nor display any servers ending with a .gov domain. I doubt the gov would waste time trying to message all their users for login info when they already seized it in their full possession. So, STOP.
    YESBP Servers:

    Yesbackpage, you’re not important. Stop trying to make yourselves bigger than what y’all really are. The government is big concerned with your spam bots and your ghostwriting in your fake ads. Cut it out!

    Their rivals took over the site, and that’s good. YesBackpage is harmful to its own competitors since they initiated that vicious rumor about Bedpage involving intense computer forensics told by a so-called provider on Twitter. All the claims and the entire story was BS, and providers in the local area where the random claimed to be arrested in had NO records of a prostitution arrest during the claimed dates.

    Yesbackpage is getting a taste of their own medicine right now.
    Fo NOT ever forget how cruel Backpagecredits, their precious scam business, behaved towards sex workers.

    FOSTA changed our climate dramatically, and we now have platforms actually developed by sex workers themselves. These abusive, get rich quick wanks will NOT thrive in our current climate of sex worker initiated venues along with social media becoming more prevalent and influential. Times have been tough lately, but the Dark Ages sure didn’t last forever. That’s for sure.

    Take all of this as you will….


    • “All I know is PHXX is smoking hot!!! 😍😍😀😀”

      While not a very constructive or pertenant comment regarding the subject, this statement is 100% true, so it can stay up.


  2. I am the owner of a Phone Sex company, and I have had strange experiences with both Yesbackpage and Bedpage; one may be workable and the other is criminal.

    Yesbackpage never answers any customer service questions. I have sent two messages recently and it is a wall of silence. If we don’t hear anything soon, we will stop paying for their service.

    Bedpage is a SCAM. At first we were told that we needed $10.00 to open an account and every post would cost a $1.00. Two weeks later it was $25.00 to open an account and said $10.00 to post an add. When we tried to post the $10.00 (we had to use up our money there) they told us we need $100.00 on the account before they would let us post the $10.00 add. And NO refunds. They just stole our money.

    HUGE SCAM. If you google them, you will find other stories with the same details I have about Bedpage. Years ago they were a great site. Now they are criminals.

    This is really sad for the industry because the only place left to advertise is 1BackPage.


  3. I am amazed that this blog isn’t more active. Have tried using the former a few times and what I have found is that the users first of all never answer the phones so we can hear their voices. Red flag number one. And by chances you are able to cut a deal they will then ask for either digital wallet deposits or gift cards, in the latter case demanding photos of serial numbers. Red flag number two. All sites now have warnings about these situations and the fact that damn near everyone on the site expects us to do this is red flag number three. What is happening here is that they are taking unfair advantage of those who can’t afford higher end escorts. Guess we can call this red flag number four. No matter which site you use everyone wants a damn deposit even when you go to them.


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