Help Miss LollyPoptart

I would like to introduce you all to an amazing lady who needs some help. Miss LollyPoptart (seriously, that is one of the all-time great nicknames!) is a well liked provider from California’s southern Central Valley. In the last year she has gone through a number of difficulties that are creating serious financial hardships.

Miss Lolly’s health troubles started with pain and bleeding caused by adenomyosis (an abnormal growth in the uterus). During treatment it was found that she had cancer. She was able to have successful surgeries to deal with these issues, but it left her unable to work for an extended time.

As she was fighting through this she ended up being in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. This resulted in more pain & injuries. This has created more trouble with trying to work. In the last year she has only been able to see a dozen clients.

To make matters worse she has developed kidney stones, and now is also suffering from shingles brought on by the stress.

All of these health problems have depleted her family savings and left her unable to work.

Miss Lolly is a mother & wife. And s friend to our community. Please consider helping her out in her time of need. There is a GoFundMe page that has been set up. You can also give via CashApp. Miss Lolly is a friend to this blog, and a sweet lady. She needs out help.


CashApp: $lptconsulting

You can find Miss Lolly on Twitter & Instagram as @lolly_poptart

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