Behaving Badly: HarlotHub

There are many websites out there that Sex Workers use to connect with potential clients.  Some are more liked than others.  There are a multitude of reasons why any individual Sex Worker likes or dislikes any given site, but the only true way to denote the value of a site is if it brings actual clients to a worker.  A site that does is good regardless of it’s other deficiencies, a site that doesn’t is of little value.

It has recently come to my attention that the website known as HarlotHub is causing problems for some of the ladies who advertise on it.  This website has recently started adding additional links into the text of providers ads.  The site has also been putting up false information about those ladies.  This is unacceptable for many reasons.

This was first brought to my attention by an FBSM provider (Miss Sabrina Luv) who told me that HarlotHub had added text and a link into her ad that made it seem as if she provided services that she does not.  The link redirects users to a listing page of providers in her city.  The text associated with the link directly mentions services that she does not provide, but makes it appear as if she wrote it.

Screen capture from Sabrina Luv’s ad on HarlotHub

Her ad was also changed to list her age as being 20 years younger than she is.  Furthermore, her phone number was added without her permission (she no longer lists her phone number in her ads, instead directing clients to her personal website) and the site has added buttons for Whatsapp and video calls to her ad page, despite the fact that she requires all communication to be through texting only.  The link to her personal website that she wants potential clients to use has been broken by the added text.

Miss Sabrina has told me that since these changes she has had a dramatic increase in contacts from men, none of which have followed her contact rules or been willing to provide proper screening information.  While any business professional can be happy about an increase in potential business, it is only positive if those potential clients are of the proper quality.  Clients who won’t screen, who try to hide their identities, or who initiate contact in inappropriate ways are not good for business.  They are a waste of a Sex Workers time.  Sabrina has wasted several hours lately dealing with these time wasters.

To make matters worse, HarlotHub has locked her out of her account.  She has been unable to log in and correct these issues or take her ad down.  Her attempts to contact HarlotHub have been totally unsuccessful.

After hearing her story I reached out to other Sex Workers that I know use HarlotHub.  Sabrina Luv’s story is not unique.  It seems that this website has been adding links and similar text to other providers ads, without their permission.  Two ladies spoke to me on condition that I not use their names in order to protect their identities.

Miss “D” is an escort who has experienced the same issues with HarlotHub.  The inclusion of the WhatsApp button on her ad page has been particularly troublesome for her since she has previously only used that app for her private life, not for communicating with clients.  She has seen a dramatic increase of clients contacting her through VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone numbers since this change happened.  She refuses to see clients who use VOIP numbers since it can be impossible to verify who they are.  It is a common screening technique for Sex Workers to verify a potential clients identity by comparing the information they provide with phone records associated with a regular cell phone number.  

Miss D has also run into a serious issue with her age being changed on HarlotHub.  She does not hide the fact that she is 50 years old from prospective clients.  Many of her actual clients seek her out because they desire an older companion.  But HarlotHub now has her age listed as 25, half what it actually is.  This is leading her to having a huge num ber of wasted contacts from men looking for a younger companion.  What benefit is there for HarlotHub to change her age?  None.  But it has created a serious inconvenience for Miss D.  She has been unable to correct this issue.

The story I was told by a Miss “S” is quite similar to Miss D and Miss Sabrina.  Miss S is an FBSM provider who provides a very limited amount of services.  But in the past few days she has received no less than 50 requests for Nuru massage, a service she has never offered.  After the first few requests she started inquiring as to why these men contacted her though she offered it.  That was when she was told that it was mentioned in her ad on HarlotHub.  Miss S had included very little information in her HarlotHub ad, but discovered that the site had added the same link and text as they added to Miss Sabrina’s ad.  This included mentions of Nuru Massage and “happy endings”.  This was leading men to contact her about these services.  Happy endings is something that should never be inquired about in phone calls, and Miss S does not provide any service even remotely related to Nuru.

Miss S’s efforts to contact HarlotHub about this have been completely fruitless.  She is also upset about about the information that HarlotHub is providing to potential clients as helpful tips at the bottom of their listing pages.  This information implies that she and all the other ladies on that page work for agencies or at massage parlors.

HarlotHub is behaving in a totally irresponsible fashion.  At one time I was recommending this site to other clients.  That is something I cannot do any longer.  While it is good that they have added capabilities to their site for providers to allow potential clients to contact them in different ways, those should be completely optional and at the discretion of the advertising provider.  They should not be automatically added.  A provider’s phone number should not be listed unless they choose it to be.  And their age should not be changed at all.

The link and text that they have added to the text of many providers adds is disruptive and inappropriate.  To imply that any Sex Worker provides services that they do not is completely wrong.  While it is fine for any website to add peripheral advertising and links on their web pages, it should never be made to look like it was included by the provider.  This misleading behavior is incredibly disruptive to providers like the ladies who spoke to me.

I call on HarlotHub to remove these links and text.  I also call on them to correct the other issues, to communicate openly and honestly with their advertisers, and to allow these ladies access to their ads so they can change or remove them.

The entire Sex Work community should be aware of this improper behavior by HarlotHub and act accordingly.

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  1. I had my harlothub ads removed within 48 hours of me messaging with them. They changed ownership and are now integrated with bedpage somehow, when you look around half their things on HH now say bedpage, everyone lost ability to control their ads. The format changed and so did the layout. They added info to my ads as well and I was not pleased. I’m not pimped or work for an agency nor do I provide the services they said I did. They took off the link to my web site and my instructions on how to book an appt. I don’t understand the purpose of doing that to all the ads on that because I couldn’t edit I asked them to remove me. I first talked to someone through live chat before switching to email before the real people that could help showed up to work. I demanded they remove me entirely from their site and they did so. My first email did go ignored, I forget what I had said to grab their attention to make them acknowledge me. It had to be good because it only took a few minutes. Lol…


  2. I noticed when i signed up on my Android they have an IM. It popped with live help. At least they msg said they were ready to help. I’m just deleting the account i made. No desire to post there.


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