New Client Help

Hello there!  So you are new to the world of Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS)?  You have stepped into a world that is very different from regular society, but I have a few posts here that can help you navigate this new adventure that you are on.  Take a read through these posts and learn a few of the do’s and don’ts of “pay for play”.


“Getting Started”

“Contact Etiquette”

“How to ‘Build’ the Perfect Woman”

“Cancellation Etiquette”

“Dick Pics”

“Client Etiquette: Hands Off!”

“Asking For Discounts?”

“Please Don’t Lie”


These are just a few of the posts on The ValleyScott Blog that can help to improve your experience within CTS.  There is plenty more for you to read.  You should also check out my Website Reviews and  the other Community Resources on this site.