The Goddess Dances

The Goddess Dances

by Scott Valley

We meet, and O! What Beauty!
Unique, exotic.
Her eyes alight, her smile my delight.

We enter her rented room,
But No! It has become her domain.
Candles all around, the flickering light exposing
A space unique, as like it’s maker.

“Relax” she chimes as I take my place upon her table.
I feel her hands upon my back.
A caress, a stretch, a gentle touch.

As I lay upon my face I know not what is to come.
Will this be like other body rubs,
Or does something special await?

And suddenly, What is this?!
Her back upon my own, her body rolls across.
What was that? I do not know.
She rolled across my back!
Again! But slower now, less shock yet more elation.

This, a sensation I have not known.
My body stretched in ways un imagined.
I feel myself relax like never before.
Her body moving across my own,
Yet the greatest sensation is in my mind.

She is a dancer, and I her stage.
I long to see this show as she moves,
But I dare not stir, nor do I desire to.
To be the platform for this dance, has become my delight.

The dance continues, the sensations mount.
Ne’er before have I felt such things.
I feel electric, et all tension gone.
Succumbed have I, to her I now belong.

She sits me up and stretches me back.
Again a new sensation. And then another!
A dance unfolds in front of me,
My arms now her stage and prop.
I am putty now, my very being hers to sculpt.

And then lay back, there is more to come.
The Goddess she appears.
A joy Devine to all my senses.
Beauty unique, a scent unknown
A sigh like mountain wind, a touch like silk.

Her caress arises new passions from within.
She owns me! She controls me!
And yet, my pleasure she desires to give.
A release like none other, unexpected, unrelenting.
A pleasure from the heavens, an ending touching my soul.


Who is this woman? Aphrodite?
Great pleasure she grants and I receive.
But she has hers in doing thus.
A giver.
A healer.
A Goddess of Touch.


I initially published this without any explaination.  A mistake on my part.

I wrote this poem about a dear friend of mine.  Her name is Sabrina.  She is a sensual massage provider.  Her technique in unique and exhilarating.  She has successfully combined several massage styles (including Nuru, Tantric, and others) to create a new style all her own.  This poem is meant to–artistically–describe my first experience with her.  It was truly amazing.  In the months since I have had the pleasure of many more encounters with her.  Along the way we have become best friends.  She has helped me to heal mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and physically from many pains.  She has also helped me to become comfortable with my own body–not an easy thing in a world that thinks Santa Claus is the only guy who should be overweight.  She is my best friend, my healer, my dream, and my inspiration.

I do hope you have enjoyed this attempt at poetry.  It is not something I often try.  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Note: I won’t share any indentifying or contact information about Sabrina through this site.

Link to original blog post: The Goddess Dances (a poem) Blog Post w/ Comments

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