Review: Erotic Monkey

Review: Erotic Monkey
Erotic Monkey (EM) has been around for a while, but has not been blessed with a very good reputation in it’s history.

There are have been many fully-established accusations of EM (or someone using EM) stealing providers pictures and information and creating unauthorized ads for those providers. These ads have often had bad information, misinformation, and false reviews associated with them. Many providers have complained about difficulties in getting such listings removed (often never seeing them be taken down). Other ladies have gone through the hoops in order to claim these listings in an attempt to make use of them.

There are providers who do choose to use EM. And the site can be a place where users can find information so that they can see legitimate providers. And not all of the reviews on EM are false. I have left a review on EM in the past. While the website has a checkered history, it has been valuable to many clients and providers.

After the fall of BackPage and other sites, EM was a bit of a haven for many providers and clients. People who did not use it it before, were able to make use of the site in order to find people. But then EM decided to cash in on the situation and began charging for access to previously free features.

The overall negative history of the site, coupled with their new pricing makes Erotic Monkey a fairly poor choice for clients and providers alike. The general lack of respect for the site means that many quality clients will not even look at it, making it a waste of time for providers. Likewise, since so much of the information on the site is unreliable, it is not worth the time for clients to make use of it.

As such, I have to give Em a low grade.

Grade: D+


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    • Here’s the deal with EM…. The previous owner of the site had an agreement of mutual advertising with TER. They scraped ads to populate the site in return having ads/links back to TER. in 2017 the site got a new owner, George. When sesta/fosta happened, the huge influx of users made it necessary for him to hire staff to help answer user emails, site bugs and improvements. He had been doing it himself when he took it over. So he needed to up revenue to pay for the new staff. He’s always been helpful and responsive when I’ve had issues with logging in and getting fake/false reviews removed, for a time I was needing about 3 a month removed, he always handled it and would respond within 48-72 hours. I was also able to have providers removed that had passed on. I’ve always been able to edit my profile and had inaccurate details in reviews adjusted. Never had any issues when sending emails that were respectful and professional, even when a disgruntled client kept making fake bad reviews on me from multiple profiles. I do know that if addressed in a hostile manner, they will not respond whatsoever. Pro tip: put “attention George” in the subject line when sending an email…


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