Review: PrivateDelights


There have been many websites that offered advertising, reviews, or discussion forums for the CTS Community. Some offered all of these things, to various degrees of success and value. Many of those sites have disappeared since the passage of FOSTA.

In their absence new sites have started up. PrivateDelights (PD) is attempting to become a leader within the CTS Community. Offering shareable user profiles, advertising, reviews, and user chat rooms, PD is working to be a “one-stop shop” for our community. PD is attempting to replace—and in reality, surpass—the now defunct site NightShift (NS).

PD’s format is very simple. Not much in the way of frills to this site. The advertising “listings” are very similar to those of NS. Pictures, basic contact information, rates, and other information are readily available to users. One of the better features is the “No” list of things that a provider will not do.

The reviews are intentionally very vanilla, without much in the way of detail. This is perfectly acceptable, though some users might prefer more graphic and detailed reviews.
PD also has a set of chat rooms accessible via the Discord app/website. These include set-ups for providers only, clients only, and a co-ed area for both to interact. These have replaced some of the community aspect of the forums on the previous site, but only in a limited way. PD will be creating new forums directly on their website, though it remains to be seen how those will work out.

The search feature on PD was somewhat troublesome at first, but has become more usable. But it does not have a comprehensive set of filters to allow users to pinpoint what they are looking for.

PD is attempting to be much larger than it’s predecessor NS. It is working towards a truly national reach. This is a major step up from NS, which was most useful in Northern California, and did not have any real reach outside of California (except for Reno and Las Vegas). A national site is much preferable to a regional one when it comes to advertising, especially considering the number of providers who travel to multiple states.

Some cities have large numbers of listings, making the site fairly useful in those areas. But other places have very few listings, despite the existence of large CTS communities in those cities. Hopefully this will improve in time.

It is an acceptable platform, but it remains very basic. While this has helped them get started quickly, it could be a liability down the road.

One of the biggest issues has been the verification process for providers wanting to advertise. In some cases it has taken a very long time for PD to approve providers. This seems to be improving, and hopefully their process is succeeding in keeping out underage or trafficked women.
Best value to the CTS Community: Detailed advertising and some reviews

Overall Grade: B-. This site has a lot of potential, but it remains to be seen how much quality they can put into the existing platform and how useful it will be to users in many areas.

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  1. I think this site will be pretty limited as a platform given the lack of detail on the reviews. Very little to go on and make a decision. Check out eccie or ourhome2. Those reviews are much more useful.

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    • That’s the thing tho! PD’s reviews stand out from their competitors because they want their reviews to be a non-incriminating source! PrivateDelights reviews are more about helpful information that simply tell more about the details and experience of the interactions between both parties…

      “Our thesis is that reviews are good for the ecosystem, if done the *right* way.” — PrivateDelights


      If a client is so enthused about marking their checklist of urgently needed services, then they can simply scroll towards the bottom of the provider’s listing. Near the bottom, there’s a section referred to as “The ‘NO’ List”.

      “The ‘NO’ List” consists of activities that the provider does not provide! So, this list of disliked acronyms can benefit clients who are seeking a specific service from a provider who enjoys providing the service. xx


  2. I like pd. My biggest problem with it is the qty of providers that don’t fill out the no list. Still leaves you wondering and trying to decode reviews.


  3. this site doesn’t keep most bad honest reviews. Either the girls can pay to remove them or they just the girls words.
    I don’t trust the reviews on this site at all! Girls have bad behavior or a ripoff should be warned for other clients. PD is NOT fair!


    • “should be”? That’s laughable! This is the BLACK market. Not the Hilton. When I used to allow reviews, it attracted too many misogynist trolls, my dieting was borderline eating disorder for fear of being called fat in a review and many men were demanding unsafe unprotected oral (antibiotic resistant super gonorrhea in the throat, anyone?) Expected FRENCH kissing with their old ugly selves, just overall pain in the butt.meanwhile, 90 percent of clients didn’t use those sites any way and a large portion were too stupid or lazy to even read a whole ad. Later when ter shut down, many of us were relieved and then later realized we didn’t need the review sites anyway. We’ve done well without them. Talking to each other on Twitter further confirms this. In fact, I now use Twitter to post selfies and verify myself. You men had the chance at reviews but you blew it with bad, misogynist behavior. Post fosta shutdowns, most of us are no longer on that bandwagon. Again, this is the black market anyway. I don’t think you review pot dealers, even if they end up selling you fentanyl laced pot grown with dangerous pesticides by the cartel. So why should escorts have to be reviewed? I’m glad that shit is mostly gone. Good riddance.


    • PD customer service is useless I had reviews removed because of a aggressive client I didn’t want to see so he flagged his own review he wrote me which was pretty good !
      I’ve made several attempts to contact PD and even almost got scammed. They have not replied to the review but replied to the scam thing I do not like this site anymore so disrespectful to how hard girls work for their reviews!!!!


  4. I recently went to post there. I talked to PD ave I liked them
    But I was shocked by the low caliber girls and the overblown prices!
    I mean I’m having such a struggle.there is no way in hell these dipsy doodles that have covered faces in ESCORT HOSTED SITES(I mean that needs to tell you the level of intelligence your dealing wth) and typos?

    How gauche
    I don’t allow reviews. I had a client the other day ave he says is a scam.
    But these are also TWIT girls.

    I’m Sorry fur laughing but let’s see one is rateD:
    30 min= 200
    1 HR = 300
    2 hrs= 650
    Overnight= 1250

    You realise you should take the overnight I mean first of all rates, are suposed to I mean anything in biz is to sell you on Deal

    It should be



    1500 to 2200

    Rolling my eyes.

    So ok I suggest the last

    One girl 1200 the hour

    30 min 650

    Oh really?

    Beer must flow out of her.

    These are not bbws and their stories are contrived.
    Why do you want to give this lol money to a WOMAN WHO WORKS ON FINANCE
    A LAWYER??
    They sound like selfish brats.

    Id love to go undercover….

    I would never overcharge


  5. Interesting comments. I’ve been on PD for 2.5 years and have had mainly very good appointments and a few that I regretted booking. The bad ones were due to old photos or gained weight

    The PD search filters are good, but could be so much better. IMO, a major flaw is not making providers list prices for 30, 60 90, 120 minutes appts. That way a guy can set a filter say from $300 – $400 hr. Providers can list longer prices in their listing. I’ve looked at soooo many profiles that are out of my price range. PD should also make the women fill out the NO List. I’ve had two providers not offer LFK but it was not in their “no list.”

    I always read a providers reviews before booking. While most are fairly vanilla about details you can pickup things about communication, location, etc, as well as more about what was performed. The sad thing is that if a hobbyist leaves a 4-star review a future provider will read your reviews and not want to see you because of one mediocre review. This happened to me. Left a 4* review, said the session was really good, her pics real & current, but did leave a negative comment how I was rushed out the door after cumming. I still had 20 minutes on the clock. Sure enough the next month when I tried to book a new provider she said she doesn’t see men who leave bad reviews.

    No site is going to be great for both providers and hobbyists for various reasons, but PD I’d give a 8 out of 10.


    • LOL you whined about being rushed out AFTER the session was over? You’re a petty little bitch! I don’t blame them for not seeing you. You’ve just outed yourself as an undesirable. Most self proclaimed hobbyists are simply misogynists. Pretty demanding too. I no longer participate in reviews, no one’s really satisfied unless you French kiss ugly middle aged men and pretend they’re your boyfriend. Please. I miss the good ole days when people accepted that hookers don’t kiss and they’re not your pretend girlfriends. This ish is getting out of hand. After opting out i proceeded to gain all the weight I wanted to without a care in the world because it no longer matters and I still get paid. I have more important things to tend to, like the PTSD that led me and many of us to begin this occupation in the first place! Majority of ladies are opting out as well due to the unrealistic expectations, petty complaints and misogyny. This is the black market, not the Hilton. Dave your stupid internet reviewing time for them.


      • Miss Lila, I’m leaving your comment up, but I would point out that he does make it clear that there was 20 minutes remaining on the session time in the story he relates.

        But your comments about the issues/problems with reviews are certainly in line with how many other providers feel. Though it should also be noted that there are also many providers who love reviews. Like most other issues in our world, there will never be unanimous consensus on something like this.


  6. Scott, thank you. She read one sentence and went crazy on me. Unfair.

    Lila missed the MAIN PART of why I docked said provider one star, from a 4 to a 5. I had 20 minutes left, or one-third of my time. It was a wonderful session. I was NOT asking for a refund on time for heavens sake, but maybe a little LFK (which she provided earlier), a HJ, a BJ, etc.

    Since when does climax immediately end the session? As MANY women post in their listings the donation is for TIME and ENTERTAINMENT.


  7. I find it very amusing (sarcastic) That you have a person, that wants $500 for the hour and yet list everything that a person might like doing. i am life WTF?? I walk in, She says ” climb on! Are you finished yet, leave the money and GTFO!! What am I getting for $500. I mean sure, you may be a 10. yet when your service is Minus 10 your a Fuggin Zero. Ever since RB went under, These ” Ladies” because now they are the only game in town. Jack up the prices and add less for the service.. waiting for that one sucker that will let his eyes do the deciding for Him. and get maybe two or 3 a week, yet up the Play Game. and ask $300. you may get several and ones who will come back for seconds or thirds..


  8. I’ve been using PD for just over a year. I’ve meet about 17 girls, all were a fun time with great sex. I left reviews for all but 3. It isn’t that I didn’t have fun with the 3, it is just that it was not a 5 star experience. I’ve meet several of the gals more than once. Some of the experiences were absolutely fantastic. These woman were easily a 10 and standing there in front of me naked, with me naked, then touching, and kissing, and, well, it was just wonderful. I have never had a bad experience. I have had several providers fail to follow through, who knows why, they just did. I’ve meet plenty of gals on sites like AshleyMadison, POF, Badoo, yes they were all free but it is such an effort to meet. With PD, I text or email, and sometimes 30 minutes later I’m naked with an absolutely beautiful naked girl. I’ve meet girls as young as 18, as old as 40. Everyone was just wonderful. I am sure I will meet with plenty more girls on PD. Great site.


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