Review: Switter


Of all the different websites that have appeared in recent months, Switter is perhaps the most unique.  And possibly the biggest.

Switter, making use of the open-source Mastadon platform, swept onto the CTS landscape like a wildfire.  The creators of the site had no way to expect the massive amount of users that signed up.  This led to more than a few growing pains, but the people behind Switter have done an excellent job of dealing with it.

Switter has done something unique.  It has created a true social network just for our community.  And in the process has strengthened that community when it was in a position of great vulnerability.  While the CTS community does use mainstream social media, and past (and present) sites have offered discussion forums and chat rooms, Switter has brought a new dimension to the game.  A free speech platform just for this community.  Social media that caters to us and provides a great outlet for discussion, getting to know one another, expression, and connection.

Frankly, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  And with over 100 thousand users world-wide, I doubt that there will ever be anything bigger.

It is not the “replacement” site that people were looking for after FOSTA.  Switter is something new.  As a result, many people have had some trouble adjusting.  But many have figured it out.  This is OUR social media.  Switter is our true community site.  And it is truly world-wide.  Everyone is welcome who wants to abide by a few simple rules.  It is a place where people can explore many different aspects of CTS.  It is a place for many people to meet.

Format wise, it is very simple.  On the surface it is not that different than other social media sites.  You can post your thoughts (limited to 500 characters at a time), pictures, GIF’s, videos, links, etc.  The format is very easy to use and useful.

The site does has a form of listings for sex workers.  These are searchable and open to the public.  But they are really just a temporary stop-gap until a new site launches.

Switter is launching a new site called “Tryst” which has the potential to be the biggest sex worker advertising site in the world thanks to it’s connection to Switter.


Best value to the CTS Community: Community connections.  Switter is the single best site that I have seen for the building of community and connections between CTS participants on the internet.  It is not all things to all people, but it is a great place to get to know the community and get involved.


Overall Grade:    A-   Switter is a site with a limited perspective: Social Media.  But it is awesome at it.  As a result it is a great site.  Switter is, and will likely remain, the best social media site for CTS.  And it will likely become the site through which the community finds it’s other needed tools.


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  1. “This is OUR social media. Switter is our true community site.”

    Yes indeed! Switter is in its own category, really. It’s the first and only social networking platform where adult entertainers do not have to worry about being censored/suspended because of their profession. x


  2. I got on Switter last year for a while, I guess during the early part of it. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed it much. Not really my thing. Even in my civie life I don’t like Twitter, Instagram, or other things like that. Facebook is okay. I’m not a social media kind of guy. I prefer long-form writing. Like this blog. I used to enjoy reading the forums on Night Shift, even though I rarely wrote anything. I like to read and those forums were a good source of information. These days I read the ValleyScott Blog, a couple of other blogs, and a few sites. I guess the one good thing that came form Switter for me was finding out about your blog. You were good on NS, but your even better on here. Keep up the good work. Happy anniversary, Valley!


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