What is CTS?

What is CTS?

Consensual Transactional Sex.

Commonly known as prostitution or pay-for-play.  Or sex work, whoring, hooking, f***ing for money, etc.  All of those terms have some truth to them, but they lack a full meaning.  “Consensual Transactional Sex” is far more appropriate.


This is a choice.  This is what happens between two (or more) CONSENTING adults.  People choosing to take part in the acts.  This is a more important distinction than ever before.  Consent is what differentiates CTS from sex trafficking.  In sex trafficking, the women (primarily) victims do not have an actual choice.  They are compelled to have sex for money.  That means there is no true consent.  In CTS, no one is compelled by anyone else to have sex.  It is a choice.


The relationships in CTS are transactional.  There is an agreement between parties regarding what will be happening.  This transaction can take the form of money, gifts, services, etc.  What is being transacted for is a private matter between the two parties.  A common disclaimer in CTS is that money exchanged is for only for time.  This may seem euphemistic at best, but it really is true.  Time, after all, being one of the most important commodities in society today.


Sex does not necesarily mean sex.  CTS covers a wide spectrum of activities.  Some involve physical contact and some do not.  Participants in CTS may be engaged in massage, live videos, phone chat/sex, escorting, or any number of other activities–some more intimate than others.  “Sex” is used here as a highly inclusive term with very little defined lines.