Why I Write

I often get asked why I write this blog.  Why am I so willing to so openly discuss Consensual Transactional Sex?  Why am I open about my mistakes and failures, as well as my great enjoyment of this sub-culture?  So here are my thoughts on why I write this blog.

First, I write this blog because someone has to do it.  I am not a professional writer.  I like writing.  I like editing even more.  I’ve worked as a professional editor.  I am far better at editing other peoples writing than I am at editing my own.  I would rather be the editor of this blog and have a dozen other people writing it.  But that isn’t my reality.  At least not at this time.

There are other blogs about our world.  But they are often one dimensional.  Or written in a manner that is not–in my opinion–conducive to what our community needs right now.  So I write this blog.  I will not say it is better than anyone else’s blog.  Not at all.  I can’t say that since I am sure there are many blogs about our community that I have never encountered.  But this blog is different than others I have read.  It has a different perspective.  It looks at topics that other blogs don’t.  So I write this blog because I think it gives a needed voice.

Second, I write this blog because I need to.  I need to be able to express myself somewhere.  This blog provides me with a place to do that.  To share what I am thinking about certain topics.

I will admit that the CTS world is an escape for me.  An escape from my own personal reality.  This blog is a part of that.  A part of my much needed escape from my everyday life and stresses.

Thrid, I write this blog as a protest.  A protest against moral judgmentalism.  A protest against censorship of thoughts, of words, and of actions.  I write as a protest against a society that loves to have all sorts of sex in film and music and literature, but will not accept the idea that people might want to pay for or be paid for that sex. I write this blog as my means of telling society to remove it’s collective head from it’s own ass and treat us with a bit of respect–or at least not throw us in jail for having a bit of fun.