The ValleyScott Blog started out as a place for me to just express my own thoughts.  But it has grown beyond that into a site for community advocacy, education, and exploration.  This is leading to having more than one writer for the site.  Here is a little bit about our people.  –VS


Scott Valley (aka, “ValleyScott”)     Hobbyist & Site Admin

I’m Valleyscott. I’ve been an active “hobbyist”(sex work client) for almost 20 years. I truly love the world of Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS) and thoroughly enjoy being a part of this community. This is a world of consenting adults who value the time and energy of each other, and who pursue sexual freedom and intimacy. I can also be found on Switter as @Valleyscott, Twitter as @valleyscottblog, Facebook as The ValleyScott Blog, and Instagram as @thevalleyscottblog.


Ms. Jeniveve     Provider Insights

Ms. Jeniveve is an FBSM provider, an animal lover, and a life adventurer.  She brings some very unique insights to our little world of CTS.

Dr. B    Health & Medicine

Dr. B is an OB/GYN who practices medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Past Contributors:

Heather Rioux Heath & Wellness

Miss Heather Rioux is a CTS provider and an experienced Health Care Professional. She brings a wealth of knowledge concerning health and wellness issues that affect people within the CTS world to The ValleyScott Blog. Miss Heather can be found on Switter as @heatherrioux and on her website Heatherrioux.bz .



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