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When backpage was siezed, it hurt us all.
Almost every advertiser that paid to place ads on had some sort of money in their account when it was closed.

For some, that was a buck or two, for others, it was hundreds and even thousands of dollars. has launched, and now has over 50k ads placed. traffic is growing daily, and our users are getting quality calls from good clients.

We want to help those hurt by the closing of backpage.

To be clear WE ARE NOT in any way shape or form associated with them, affiliated, etc. we are a NEW business, and are not responsible for taking your money.

But we do support people in this industry, as we are in this industry as well.

if you had money taken from you during the backpage shutdown, send us an email at with the estimated amount, and any proof you may have (not required) of those funds being sent to them. Also include your yesbackpage registration email.

We are working with advertisers all over the world to help out. No, we are not going to just refund all your money… (we didn’t take it!) but we are going to work to help you and try to make up for it. Why? Like we said, we are in this industry ourselves… and frankly because we can.
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