Who is ValleyScott?

“Hello, I’m ValleyScott.”

I never thought that would mean much, but oddly enough, it does.

I picked out the “handle” of “ValleyScott” last year when I signed up for the now defunct site NightShift.  I didn’t think much about it as I chose it.  My name is Scott and I live in the valley.  Simple as that.  In the last year it has grown from a simple online nickname into an identity.  I have BECOME ValleyScott.  In fact, there are times when that identity seems more real to me than my “civilian” one.

I started playing in the world of Consensual Transactional Sex back in 1999.  I was hooked pretty quickly.  And while I have taken some time off here and there over the years, I can honestly say I’ve been a client (“hobbyist”) for 19 years now.  I don’t think there has been a single year where I didn’t play at least a little.

I truly love CTS.  I love the freedom of it.  I love getting to meet new and interesting people.  And now I love being a part of the community.

For a long time I was very much alone in the CTS world.  At times I would develop some friendships with a sex worker or two.  But for the most part, I was just always searching for a new person to know for a short time.  But now I have more than that.  I have real friends and a real community.

About me. . .

For some reason there are people who actually want to know a little bit about me.  Here goes. . .

“Scott” is actually part of my “real” name.  In the past I would use completely fake names.  But sometimes I would forget which name I told a lady!  That led to some awkward moments.

I am in my early 40’s.  I started young.  I feel old.  Sometimes.  It seems that most men don’t get involved in CTS until they are at least my age, so it can seem odd that I am the veteran when most of my fellow clients are older than I am.  But honestly, I think age isn’t really that important.  Character and personality matter much more than age.

Yes I’ve been married.  It had it’s good times, but mostly it was bad.  Still fighting through the divorce proceedings (pre-nups can cause plenty of trouble!), but I consider her my “ex” already.  Will I ever marry again?  Only to the perfect woman.  Not settling for anything less than the best.

I’ve held a lot of different jobs in my life.  I’ve been a truck driver, a warehouse worker, a salesman, worked for the government, been an EMT, and an academic editor.  My last job was operating my own small business as a document courier.  These days I am a full-time caregiver for my elderly parents.  At least for a little while longer.  Sold my business and am living off my savings for now.

I love camping, hiking (though I can’t hike much these days–bad knees), cooking, playing music, reading, writing, massages (receiving and giving), and sex.

The Future

I really don’t know what the future holds for me.  I do know that when this current season of taking care of my parents comes to an end I will need a change.  A new job for sure.  Maybe a new town.

It’s interesting, but this blog and this community have started to create a situation where CTS could be my future.  Not as sex worker, that’s for sure!  I wouldn’t get many clients with this body! Lol.  But as a writer, editor, and activist?  There may be a real future for me.  Honestly, is there anything better than turning a hobby (or two) that you love into a life?  We will see what happens, but for right now, I have hope.