This is a topic that I remember getting quite a bit of discussion on one of the now extent websites: Pets.  Sex Workers are just like anyone else–some have pets, some don’t.  But where do pets fit into the actual meeting of Sex Worker and Client?

Let me begin by admiring a huge bias–I LOVE animals.  I do.  I’ve almost always had some sort of pet during my life.  It is just the kind of person I am.  So I confess, this does affect my views when it comes to pets being present during sessions.


Then a client goes to a providers location, you have no control over what they will or won’t have in her room/apartment/house.  It’s their place, not yours.  But many clients can feel very uncomfortable by the presence of a pet in the room, especially during sex.

This is especially true of dogs and cats.  Many clients worry about the animal in question interrupting the session.  And this CAN be a problem.  I’ve had it happen to me on more than one occasion.  Even when the pet isn’t in the room, it can be a distraction. I recall one Sex Worker I saw a couple of times back in 2006 who had two large dogs that she would lock in her bathroom when she had a client.  But they would bark and whine the whole time.  It was quite distracting and did not create a very good atmosphere.

But this does not mean that pets will always be a distraction.  Two ladies that I know very well have pets that are around during sessions, but never cause any interruption.  One has a cat, the other has a dog–and I don’t ever see or hear them during our sessions, despite them being in the room.  They are never a distraction.  So, it really depends on the pet whether or not there will be a problem.

Except when it comes to allergies.  This is one issue that can get out of control, despite the best efforts of the pet owner.  I know a hobbyist who has a pretty severe allergy to cats.  Unfortunately, plenty of Sex Workers have cats.  And he has had sessions turn bad on him more than once because of his bad cat allergy.  He even ended up in the ER one time.  He doesn’t blame the cat owners, but he does wish her knew in advance so that he could have avoided such situations.

Due to these issues, it is a good idea for Sex Workers to let their potential clients know ahead of time about any animals that the client might come into contact with.


Overall, I am thoroughly opposed to Sex Workers bringing their pets with them to outcall appointments.  This is just an all around bad idea.  Taking your pets to someone else’s home (or other place) is something that should never be taken lightly.  But for Sex Workers there are just too many potential complications.  Fluffy needs to stay behind.

But there is also the issue of the clients having a pet.

If you are a client having an outcall to your home, you should be up front about any pets during the screening and scheduling efforts.  The same worries that clients have about a provider’s pets out an infall location can be had by a provider doing an outcall.  The potential for distraction can be even greater when a pet is on its “home turf”.  Territorial behavior can also be an issue–some pets will defend their homes (or rooms) from strangers.  And some animals, especially dogs and cats, can become jealous.

Exotic Animals

Dogs and cats are one thing, but some people have some more exotic pets.  These can be problematic as well.  Birds, snakes, ferrets, etc. can all be distractions or create problems with fears & phobias.  Being up-front about these animals and being willing & able to keep them securely out-of-sight during a session is a good idea for both Sex Workers and Clients.

Enjoying Pets

On the other hand, being up-front about pets can also lead to a lot of enjoyment.  Your Sex Worker or Client might just be someone like me: a person who loves animals.  I not only don’t have a problem meeting a ladies pets, I generally enjoy it.  For me, it creates a means for me to connect with a new lady friend; common ground that we can use to build a good rapport.  And since most animals seem to like me, it helps to create a good level of comfort between the Sex Workers I see and myself.


Being honest about the presence of animals before a session happens is always the best policy.  It helps to avoid problems as well as creating opportunities to bond.  Don’t hide the fact that you have a pet.  If it is an issue, do your best to accommodate the visiting person.  This isn’t always easy, but it is. a good business idea and a good personal one as well.

One comment

  1. I always forget to mention bandit to new clients, I assume returning clients already met my dog. I have joint custody with the “dad” taking him on the weekends or random nights here or there. Sometimes I have the option of shuffling him over to dads but typically he’s not an issue or distraction.

    I can usually tell him to get in bed and cover him with a blanket and he stays the entire time much like a bird does when you cover up a bird. If he’s too rambunctious I have treat balls that keep him entertained for hours at a time.

    It was only ever an issue the very first time he was in the room when I had a client. He snuck up on the bed without me knowing and all of a sudden my client stopped then says “wow, that’s something I’ve never experienced before…” me being clueless was worried something was wrong, but no, my dog just started licking him while he was doing the deed… lol

    I was mortified!


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