How to “Build” the Perfect Woman

Do you remember the 1985 film “Weird Science”? The fantasy of most ever nerdy teenage boy, creating a gorgeous woman who desires you. Total fiction, but still, Kelly LaBrock was the object of many a young man’s wet dreams!

But in reality, you can’t build the perfect woman.

Or can you?

Last year a dear friend of mine told me that this is exactly what hobbyists should be doing: “building” their perfect woman. Now before you think I’m about to go down some Frankenstein-like route, there will be no mad science in this post. And no necrophilia. So relax, I’m not insane.

But you really can create your dream woman. Get everything you want. It’ll just take more than one woman to do. Here is how a hobbyist can create their perfect sexual partner:

Step One: What do you want?

What DO you really want? What would the “perfect” woman look like? What would she do for you sexually? If you don’t know what you really want, you’ll never have it.

Do you want big boobs? Small boobs? A big round booty or tight little firm one? Brunette, blonde, redhead?

Great blowjobs? Amazing massages? Anal sex? Dominant or submissive? Role-playing? Voyeurism? Gently loving? Hard-core freaky fetishes?

Figure out what kinds of things you want. And here’s the best part, if you want more than one thing, it’s okay. If you love blondes and redheads, your “perfect woman” can be both! Make your list of what would be perfect. Don’t worry about contradictions.

Step Two: Experiment

This is the really fun part. You have to experiment. You love redheads? You’ll need to see a few to find the one that best suites your desires. Want to be dominated? Check out a few domes to find the right fit. Need that big-booty anal lover? Find the one that feels the best.

Find your favorite blowjob. Find your favorite massage. Find the best breasts you can get your hands on. Whatever the category that is important to you, you’ll need to find the lady that best meets it. If a particular lady happens to be the best fit for more than one desire—awesome!

Step Three: Assemble

Okay, nothing freaky here. You are NOT allowed to play mad scientist!

Assembling your ‘Perfect Woman” isn’t about putting the parts together, it’s about putting the schedule together. This is where you stop experimenting and settle down.

See your massage lady on Monday, your boob beauty on Tuesday, your anal addict on Wednesday, your Dominatrix on Thursday, and Your foot-fetish freak on Friday. Or whatever works best for you.

Schedule what you need in the proportions you need it. If you need sweet seduction more often that getting your ass whipped, schedule accordingly. Split your time in the right way. 30 minute visits with the lady who satisfies your needs for a quick bit of stress relief, 2 hour visits to the woman who rubs you down in just the right way. Need to spend an hour a week with your face buried in a pair of DDD’s, put it on your schedule on the perfect day.

This is how you make the “Perfect Woman”. Chances are you’ll never find a single woman who meets every one of your sexual needs and desires. If you do, you are a particularly lucky man and need to go play the lottery! I count myself lucky to have found one woman who makes me feel amazing, even though she doesn’t do all the things I like. But that is not the same thing.

If you want it perfect, create it. This is one of the benefits of Consensual Transactional Sex—we don’t have to settle. We can have everything, just not necessarily in the same woman. It might take 4 or 5 or 6 women to meet all your needs. Nothing wrong with that at all. But realize that seeing 100 different ladies will most likely leave you unsatisfied. Too much “hit & miss”. Find that perfect combination of 5 ladies. And then see them often. You will develop a perfect system that brings you the best of pleasures.

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