Answering Your Questions #12

Here we go again! Another round of Answering Your Questions.

“What do you think about the whole Stormy Daniels/Donald Trump thing?” — Anonymous

I have to be honest and acknowledge that I have not closely followed this whole story with Stormy Daniels. And that is probably wrong of me, considering what I do in this community. But to address you question, I think this is an ugly situation. But what else could it be with a man like Donald Trump (I use the term “man” very loosely!).

I think that women like Miss Daniels make a huge mistake when they get involved with a person like Trump. If you really think about it, this is a cautionary tale about how sex workers need to properly screen men before they engage with them. Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying that Miss Daniels deserved to be mistreated in any way. No woman deserves that. Period. And I fully believe that ALL men have a responsibility to act like gentlemen. But we know that not all men do, and women (whether they are working or not) do have the power and tools to be able to avoid getting into bed with men who will not treat them properly.

In Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS), we call this SCREENING. And one conclusion that I have to come to regarding Miss Daniels is that she did not screen very well. Trump is a well known womanizer and well known to mistreat people, especially women. He does not respect women. He only values them as sexual objects. This has all be abundantly clear for a long, long time. The fact that Miss Daniels chose to get into a sexual relationship with such a man is, in my opinion, a very poor choice on her part. I mean her no disrespect at all, but I do feel that all woman (civilian and sex workers alike) should learn from this. Staying clear of men like Trump is always a good idea.

“Does it bother you knowing [a sex worker] is not into it [sex]?” — midmarch, from Reddit

This question originally appeared on a topic I posted on Reddit, but I thought it would be good to also answer it here. The person asking is not part of our community but was trying to understand a few things.

Honestly, I prefer to be involved with sex workers who are into having sex. It’s better that way. But sometimes you end up with a provider who isn’t really into it. And frankly, that can work too.

There are times when I have been with a sex worker when all I wanted was to get off. It may sound callous, but sometimes I just don’t care about the other person’s pleasure and just want what I want. Now, this is a bit of a rarity for me, but I’m going to be honest.

But I do feel that there are a lot of sex workers who truly enjoy what they do. This makes the entire experience so much better. And as a general rule, I try to see ladies who love sex and who genuinely get into it. I know that I have probably been fooled by a few good actresses over the years who have done a good job at faking their interest. But I also know that I have enjoyed a lot of pleasure with ladies who were having a great time themselves.

But on the whole, it does not bother me, as long as she can at least pretend to be enjoying herself. Is that buying into a lie? Yes. Bit then, the lie is part of the service. Sex work is truly an entertainment industry, so the lie is no different than going to the theater or the movies or to an amusement park (Disneyland’s New Orleans Square is still in Anaheim, it just doesn’t feel like it!).

Reddit post: Why do some men pay for sex? [Reddit]

“Is it really worth it for clients to pay for access to websites to find escorts? How much is reasonable or not?” — NSRefugee007

This really depends on the website in question. There have been some websites that were practically useless if you didn’t pay for a membership, so buying in was the only way to really use it. Other sites have been incredibly useful without ever spending a dime.

The site NighShift was an example of a site that could yield a great return with no financial investment. I never once paid for VIP. I’m glad I didn’t. I have been told that I missed out on a lot of great stuff in the private forums, but not having VIP never once caused me to miss out on seeing a lady. And that was my purpose for joining that particular site.

Right now, for clients, there are plenty of sites that you don’t need to spend any money on in order to meet some awesome women who will be very fun to spend time with. But there are others that do require an investment. And who knows what the future holds.

But personally, I don’t like to pay for access. So I don’t. As I potentially missing out. . .maybe. But I’ll take my chances for now. I would much rather spend my money on the ladies than on a website.

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