Thank You

Thank You.

Truly those words do not do justice to what I wish to say to everyone. But I have to start somewhere.

For the last couple of years I have been taking care of my mother as she battled, and succumbed to, lung disease. This took up so much of my time that I eventually had to sell my business and become her full-time caregiver. I regret nothing. What else could I do, this was my mother who needed me.

She has now finished her race and moved on to her Heavenly Home. She is at Peace now and forever.

This was a difficult journey for me and for my entire family. At times it was excruciating to watch her suffer as she did. But I had no choice. I had to stay the course and help her in any way I could.

But I had help. You.

Over the past week I have been open about my struggles and waiting for my mother to pass on. I posted about it on both my “hobbyist” social media accounts, and my regular ones. I noticed something very interesting. I received much more support from all of you than I did from my “real world” family and friends.

In the past few days I had about 50 responses from people in my “normal” life. During that same time, over 200 of you reached out to me. So many of the people that are on my Civvie Facebook and Instagram accounts would condemn our community. They call us “perverts and whores”. They look down on us. I often tire of their sanctimonious attitudes. And in my time of need, where were they? Not with me, that’s for sure.

50 responses, and most of those were totally perfunctory. And only 2 of those people have truly followed up, honestly offering to help or to be truly supportive.

But what about my “whore” friends? Dozens and dozens of ladies have reached out to me. Not just with simple comments of support, but many taking the time to talk to me. Offering me a friendly ear, and even a shoulder to cry on.

And the “pervert” men have been equally supportive. Many have offered to talk, to buy me a beer and relax, to be there for me. They have extended true friendship.

Society may look down on our community, but I will say this, you all have shown your true character to me in my struggles, and it is of the finest quality. You have strengthened me more than you will ever know with your support and encouragement. I wish I just had better words to use, than Thank You.


I have to take this opportunity to give special thanks to my dearest of friends, Miss Sabrina Luv. I expect by now that none of you should be surprised to learn that she was incredibly supportive to me in these hard times.

Sabrina, while you could not be present with me to hold my hand as I struggled, you did manage to hold my heart from afar. I do not know what I would have done without you. Through your words I was able to have my tears of sorrow become tears of joy. You encouraged me like no one else ever has. You showed me great love and kindness. I cannot express how much your support meant to me in these difficult times. It has been a treasure to me that I will never forget. You are truly the finest person I know, and I love you for who you are. You are the best.



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  1. So sorry to hear the news of your mother. You were incredibly unselfish in giving up your business and becoming a full time caregiver. I went through the loss of my mother 3 years ago. It was a long, slow decline for her. She was in a nursing home for many years and I only got to see her very infrequently over that time. She was incredibly selfless and would much rather her kids got on with their lives and tended to their own families than focus on her. I miss her every day, and continue to realize what a very special person she was.

    The grief of your mother’s loss will fade over time, and you will be able to look back with fondness, love, and a smile for the wonderful memories she has left you with.


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