Private Websites

One of the “Secrets” of the Consensual Transactional Sex community is the existence and use of “private” websites. These websites are essentially private online clubs for hobbyists (clients) or sex workers (note: I am not aware of any private sites that are used by both clients and sex workers together).

These private websites are not easy to find out about. Their existence is often a closely held secret by those who are involved in them. You cannot Google these websites, so the only way to find them is to be given a link by someone who already has it. Even that will not get you in, since these sites generally work by invitation only.

So what happens on these private sites?

Client Sites

Not much, for the most part. Especially on the client sites. They mostly contain accounts of the sexual exploits of the members. You might think of them as private reviews, though details are rarely omitted. These sites are mostly a place for clients to share their thoughts on different providers.

Most of these sites serve a very small number of clients. They are just private clubs, mostly made up of guys who live and play within a specific area. These guys are able to help each other to find the best quality sex workers where they are by sharing experiences, advice, and other information.

Some of these private sites focus on specific fetish or kink that all the members enjoy. There are even sites that focus on a specific sex worker—you might think of such a private site as a “fan club” of sorts, except in this case all of the “fans” have had sex with woman they admire.

This may all seem fairly weird or creepy to some people, but it really isn’t. Many of these websites have very little activity, though others are very active. The men who use these sites are generally very respectful of the sex workers they discuss. These are, very much, “gentlemen’s” clubs of hobbyists. I’m sure there are other private sites that I have not been on that are quite different, but many of those deal with darker, unsavory parts of the sex trade.

I am a member of several of these websites. They can be excellent places for hobbyists to honestly discuss things that they enjoy—or hate—about CTS. I like them because of the insight I get into the community. And I think that in these uncertain times, when any of the larger sites could face serious legal attacks, it is nice to have some smaller, off-the-radar websites as a fall back.

Provider Sites

The private provider sites are very different from the client sites. The ones that I am aware of are primarily focused on helping sex workers protect themselves from dangerous or worthless clients. Their primary function is as screening aids.

I have been told about a few sites that serve as private Don Not See (DNS) Lists. Members of these sites can provide names, numbers, and other information about clients who are dangerous, do not pay, or otherwise have created a poor provider-client relationship. These sites give sex workers a chance to see what others are saying about clients.

I’ve been given a peek into one small website that had actual reviews of clients, quite similar to the reviews that clients write on the larger websites. (I was very pleased to see that someone had written a rather flattering review of me! Lol.) This type of site is a good tool for screening out problem clients, but also for giving sex workers a way to search for prospective clients they might want to see.

I cannot say whether private websites for the sex worker community are as common as those that hobbyists have. I expect that they are not. But I can say, from what a number of ladies have told me, that these websites are a valuable tool for their safety. I can also say, that in general, sex worker private sites are much larger than those hobbyists use. They can have many users, while hobbyist sites usually have just a handful.

Overall, I think that private websites for the CTS community are a real benefit. Many of them would better serve the community by letting more members in, but in general, their small size helps to keep them safe and secret. How many are there? Nobody knows. My guess is there are quite a few. I hope that more will be created. And I hope that—like the ones I am part of—they will continue to be a positive aspect of our community.

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