Social Media Issues: The Money Shot

Ahh, the “Money Shot”.

No, I’m not talking about cum shots in porn movies.  I’m talking about actual photos of money on social media.

I hate them.  Honestly.  I see these photos on social media all the time and it makes me cringe.  Pictures of several hundred dollars spread out on a bed or a table.  I see Sex Workers and clients doing it.  And they shouldn’t.  It is just a bad idea.


Okay guys, listen up.  Any Sex Worker of any quality is not likely to be impressed by a picture you post of some money.  They’ve seen it before.  Plenty of times.  And honestly, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Look at the photo on the top of this post.  That is $1,300 in twenties.  So what.  That doesn’t mean a damn thing.  I took that picture.  Then I took that money and went and got the money orders I needed to pay my dad’s rent and utility bills.  None of that money was for the ladies.  Not a single bill.

Posting a picture of a bunch of money doesn’t mean you actually have that much to spend on the ladies.  Sure, maybe you do, but plenty of guys who’ve posted those photos did not.  And the ladies know it.

Additionally, posting photos of money has been a very common practice of pimps who are trying to recruit women.  So posting such a photo could easily get alady to think you’re a pimp, not a client.  Is that what you want?

Here is something else tokeep in mind.  Unsavory types of people will also see that picture.  You know, the kinds of women who will set up a session just so they or their pimp can rob you.  Many a client (myself included) has been robbed when they thought they were going to a session.  Posting a picture of a bunch of money might just be putting a target on your back.

Sex Workers

I see far too many of you ladies doing this also.  It really is not a classy move.  Clients are not attracted to your big stacks of money.  In fact, it can be a turn off.  PArt of the appeal of Consensual Transactional Sex is the illusion and fantasy that clients get to live.  Posting pictures of lots of money breaks that illusion.  It makes clients feel like nothing more than human ATMs.  We enjoy the fantasy that you want us, not our money.  Yes, it’s a fantasy.  But that’s how we want it.

A big money shot also can send the wrong message.  It might just say to some guys that you’ve been working so much that you won’t be very energetic or motivated during your next session.  Or it could bring out the cheap lowballers who will see it as sign that you don’t need much money, so they’ll waste your time by offering less.

But worst of all, just like with the clients, posting such photos can encourage the bad guys to show up.  Most ladies who’ve been around for any length of time have been the victims of a robbery or two.  If a bad guy sees a photo of a couple of grand lying on your bed, he might just think it’s time to pay you a visit.  That is trouble you do not need.

Stop It

Come on people, let’s stop posting these photos.  They are just not good for our community.  They send the wrong messages and they can easily endanger you.  Nobody needs that.

There are so many better things you can be posting.  Things that will actually attract people to you.  Plus, it’s just not classy.  And we should try to show a bit of class whenever we can.

Oh, and please don’t text people money shots.  That is even less classy.


  1. I’ve never seen clients post pictures of money but I concur that is a total turnoff to see providers do this.

    I think it bothers me for some of the reasons you posted; breaking the illusion and makes me feel like a human ATM. I’ve actually taken ladies of my prospective list after seeing them post piles of cash.

    The article mentions: “it’s not classy” when it’s the opposite of classy.

    Providers are already targets… Don’t make yourself more of one.


  2. There have been providers who I have been looking forward to seeing but then I see that post on Instagram where they have a stack of bills, sometimes with a pistol in the shot, and I am completely turned off. Nope. Crossing that one off my list…


  3. I have several things to say about this, most of them entirely inconsequential as opinions generally are, lol.

    I’ve noticed a trend on social media to show off, ladies and gents alike… and I’ve also noticed a tendency that skews a little more towards the male side – the tendency to take things *way* too seriously, and be quite self referential. Some have suggested that it’s generational, as the callousness of millenials and younger makes us largely immune to fake social media outrage, and being raised with the impersonality of the internet makes the possibility of taking things personally utterly out of reach. For people of outsider cultures, this can be even moreso.

    Generally, the pictures that we ladies post on social media that are not part of overt advertisements have nothing to do with you, and you’re putting yourself (and us) through unnecessary stress by thinking that they are. If a man gets me a nice gift, often part of *his* fantasy is watching the lady he “spoiled” show it off. If everyone else who didn’t give said gift takes the opportunity to get butthurt about it, notice how the feelings of others are actually inhibiting my ability to do the job requested of me by one of my clients. For absolutely no good reason, imo. It just hearkens back to the kinds of jealous feelings that get in the way of a good time, and many of us are trying to *escape* those by indulging in this lifestyle.

    That said, I generally don’t post about my gifts unless specifically asked, or I feel arbitrarily inspired to do so. As for money shots, the ones I have posted were quite tongue in cheek, shot as part of a “rap video aesthetic” project I was working on once with my girlfriend. <=== not that any of that matters, and that is exactly the point. I find it to be ridiculous and not all that flattering to the men that somehow think it matters, as you're inferring a motivation which may have never even crossed my mind. Given the wide variety of things one can think, the assumption that you know what I'm thinking is ludicrous.

    One of the unique things about social media in this lifestyle is clients have a viewership that includes both ladies and gents, and ladies have a viewership that includes both gents and ladies. So, we're talking to each other just as much as we're talking to you. If you as a client would like to see something that speaks to exclusively *your* interests, then please stick to ads, which are written for you and your purposes only.

    On social media, we are speaking to a larger audience, which may include interests that are not yours. That should be ok.

    Just scroll on… on this comment as well, if that so suits you.

    ~Mme X~

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