The ValleyScott Blog has now hit 100,000 total views!

This is a huge milestone for the Blog.  For me this is a number that demonstrates the this website is valuable and sustainable.  One hundred thousand views.  Wow.  Over 17,000 visitors.

In 15 months this blog has gone from just getting a few views per day, to getting thousands of views each week. The growth has been awesome.  And I really owe it all to the people out there who share links, retweet, boost, and otherwise spread the word about this little website.

I have some amazing people on Switter, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram who have done a great job helping me to promote this site.  And a few others who have added links on their own websites that direct traffic here.

So what is most popular?  Overall, the most popular things on The Blog are the Website Reviews.  That isn’t much of a surprise.  People are looking for information about which sites to use on our community, and I’ve got some reviews.  The Reviews for Private Delights and YesBackPage have each been viewed over 2,500 times.  Tryst’s review just passed 1,000 views.

Also very popular are my interview with Miss Sabrina Luv (over 1,200 views) and my post about Contact Etiquette (2,000 views).

There are tons of other popular articles and pages that have hundreds of views as well.

Nothing makes a writer happier than knowing that people read what they write.  It’s the purpose of writing.  And I am no exception. Every month over 1,400 people visit this Blog looking for information or advice, and I am extremely pleased that they find it here.  I hope to be able to continue this work for years to come.

I wish that I could list all of the people who have done the most to help me along this path so far.  People who have contributed financially or through promoting the blog.  People who submit questions or content suggestions.  And the people who build me up by encouraging me.  I don’t have permission from all of them to post their names (something I hope to rectify in the future), so I will just say a general thank you to them.  You know who you are.

I do need to give a special thank you to one person in particular.  She has been my biggest supporter since day one.  She is my muse, my friend, and my confidant.  Thank you, my dearest Sabrina, for all that you have done to help me with this endeavor.  I can honestly say that without you, this Blog wouldn’t exist.

To everyone else, thank you for reading.  Please keep coming back.  I’ve got plenty of ideas (though not nearly enough time!) for the future.  In the meantime, have fun, be safe, and share the love.



  1. Congratulations, that is so awesome you have found a place in the industry. Your writing is interesting and much informative. Something both providers alike and gentleman can relate too and appreciate. Not always super active myself on social media platforms but I keep pretty busy between my private and work life. Anyway I just want to thank you for creating good content.

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