The Rate Debate

Rates.  This is a touchy subject, but one I have been repeatedly asked to address.

How much is too much?  How much is too little?  Are rates a good measure of quality?  Does the large difference in rates hurt Sex Workers overall?  These are just a few of the questions that come up when discussing rates.

There are many who will feel that a client—like myself—should not have a voice in this discussion, but since I’ve been asked by both Sex Workers and clients to talk about it, I will.

A Wide Range of Rates

Overall, having a very wide range of rates is a good thing for the community.  It is good for clients because it gives us a range of options depending on our personal finances.  It is good for providers because they are able to find a rate point the they are comfortable with.

Currently, for escorts in America, I see rates ranging from $160/hr to $1,000/hr (and more).  This is a huge range.  On average, most providers seem to be between $200-400/hr. This is a rate that many find very acceptable.  But not all.

Going forward, I’ll be using this $200-400/hr rate as a baseline for this discussion.

Too Much?

Obviously, there are always going to be some people who find some of these rates to be too much.  Especially when they compare the rate with what a Sex Worker will or won’t do (primarily their “No List”).  These complaints are mostly about providers who charge higher rates (above $300) for what would be termed “non-GFE”.  Many hobbyists feel that higher rates should only be ladies who provide a wider range of services.  If the “No List” is long, the rates should be low in the eyes of many clients.  And there is some logic to that conclusion.

Most complaints about higher rates are from clients, but there are some Sex Workers who also feel that having so many providers charging more than they do creates a problem.  They fear that having some ladies charging higher rates than they do will give the impression that they are of a lower quality.

Too Little?

On the other side, there are a number of Sex Workers who feel that many providers ask for too little.  From their perspective, those with lower rates are potentially undercutting the market and  hurting their overall income.  These lower rates also lead many potential clients to contact Sex Workers with higher rates and attempt to haggle for a lower rate.  This is generally considered very rude behavior and many Sex Workers are highly offended by it.  

Another issue can arise within an area with regards to providers with lower rates: suspicion.  If $300 is fairly standard in a city and a provider is advertising $200/hr, many hobbyists will be suspicious of it.  Is she low-quality? Is she a trap by law enforcement? Is she a “Bait & Switch” provider where the pictures are not of the actual provider?

And then there is the reality that lower rates can under-cut a market.  They can have an effect of lowering the overall rates in a city over time, if clients prefer to session with the ladies who advertise such rates.  This really can have a negative financial effect on some providers, either through a loss of clientele or being forced to lower their own rates to maintain the same level of business.  At the same time, lower rates can also cause some providers to have better finances through an increase in clients, especially repeat clients.

Rates vs. Quality

Do higher rates equate to better quality?  This is a question that a lot of new people ask.  Does a client get more for their money from a Sex Worker who charges more?  Do higher rates guarantee a more enjoyable encounter?  Do providers get better quality clients from charging higher rates?

In my personal experience, higher rates do not guarantee anything.  In some markets paying a higher rate will lead to more “attractive” providers, but this in no way equates to better quality.  In many places (especially bigger cities) if you want a Sex Worker with “model”-like looks, you will have to pay a higher rate.  But looks are never an indication of how enjoyable the time spent with the lady will be.  Nor will it guarantee that a client will be able to enjoy the activities that they want to.

And lower rates do not mean lower quality either.  Many of my best encounters with escorts have been with ladies who are at the lower end of current rates.  But I have an equal number of past experiences at lower rates that were not very good.

There is no real correlation between rates and quality, in my opinion.  As such, I will say that no client should ever assume that a higher rate will guarantee a better experience. Nor should lower rates be automatically viewed as lower quality.

On the other side of the equation is the question of whether higher rates bring in higher quality clients for Sex Workers.  Many Sex Workers believe that this is true.  Some have related to me that their overall experiences with clients have improved at higher rates.  But it isn’t universal by any means.  While higher rates will end out the “cheapskate” clientele, it can also bring in the entitled, possessive types.  A number of ladies have related stories to me about ending up with clients who feel like they “own” providers at higher rates.  This is likely rooted in the way that many people with high incomes and wealth become entitled.

The Best Rate

So, what is the best rate?

For clients, it’s the rate you can afford and allows you to have your desires met.  It isn’t any one given amount.  Every client needs to make smart budgetary choices when it comes to transactional sex.  No one should hurt themselves financially in pursuit of sexual satisfaction.

For Sex Workers, the best rate is the one that is both personally comfortable and economically feasible.  If you are not financially successful as a Sex Worker, your rates are one of (several) things you need to examine.  It may not be the reason, but it could be a factor, and ignoring that isn’t a wise move.  At the same time, even if you are doing alright financially at a lower rate, that doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust your rate.  But any rate change should always be considered carefully and logically.  Getting emotional about rates is not a good business practice.

I know that all of this is a touchy subject.  I know that there are many who won’t agree with my thoughts here.  That’s okay.  Feel free to add your thoughts to this discussion in the comments below.  (Just be respectful and honest.). It is good to have different perspectives on something as complex and decisive as this.

One comment

  1. One thing you left out when factoring rates is the quality of location, and the extras a provider makes available. When you want to avoid sleazy no tells motels ladies with lower rates often stay at those places as that’s what’s affordable, when paying a higher rate expect higher quality accommodations. If you’re paying $400 and up expect above a 3 star location.

    I also make available beverages such as water, jamica, iced tea, etc. I always have clean towels available for a client to shower and a variety of men’s toiletries so I also hope to have what they use at home available so those with SO’s go home smelling the same. I always have new tooth brushes available for each client. I even make razors, trimmers, and shave cream available for those that come from work and get a 5o’clock shadow and want to clean up before getting started.

    Those things should also be factored into quality of service, as providing the comforts of basic needs is part of the service we provide, service isn’t just what sexual acts we might or might not do. There’s a lot more to the services we provide that men often never consider. Clean room, clean towels, safe place, atmosphere, attitude and demeanor. It’s not all about how we perform.


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